Environmental science

Some people you know say they don’t believe that the climate is changing. After completing this week’s readings, how would you respond?

Write a 525- to 700-word response including:

  • How scientists learn about past global temperatures and climates
  • The greenhouse effect
  • Greenhouse gases and their role in current climate change
  • One piece of data scientists offer to show that the climate is changing globally
  • Refer to NASA website: Climate Change: How Do We Know?
  • Expected impacts of climate change in your area
  • Refer to the EPA’s January 2017 snapshot by state: Climate Change Impacts by State

Use the NASA and EPA website page links provided, course textbook, and at least 2 additional resources. Do not use wikis.

575 minimum words.

Perform an internet search to identify an instance of environmental pollution in your state.

Create a 5-to 8-slide PowerPoint® presentation.

  • Identify the effects of this pollution on human health and the environment.
  • Explain the causes of this pollution.
  • Recommend ways to prevent/clean up this type of environmental pollution.
  • Include appropriate images with citations.

Use the course textbook and at least 2 outside references. Do not use wikis.

Interpret the source content in your own words. Do not copy/paste source content or submit quoted responses.

Include 300+ WORDS (total) in the lecture NOTES area, not as slide text.


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