Environmental science

For this reflection, we’d like you to help us add to our lesson! Please choose a topic that you found confusing, or one you think needs further clarification. Then go to YouTube and find a video that explains that topic. Some potential topics include:

  • The differences between starch and cellulose (e.g. chemistry, processing, applications)
  • Extraction of sugars from sugar crops
  • Dry or wet milling and the different processes they involve
  • One or more of the pretreatment methods
  • Enzymatic or acid hydrolysis

Once you have found the video please tell us:

  1. What you learned from the video.
  2. Why you think it would be beneficial to include in the lesson, i.e. what does it explain that the lesson does not?
  3. The URL of the video.

As always, aim for 250 words.

Each student (or a pair of students) should interview either a patient OR a medical provider.

For the patient interview: an individual who has utilized the US health care system and is willing to participate in an interview about the experience (they can choose to remain anonymous). Complete an interview with the patient (see suggested questions attachment) and write a summary of their experience. Then, choose the top three factors that impacted their ability to receive or not receive care and analyze how the experience might have been changed if those factors had been different. These factors can be medical or social determinants of health. If you are interviewing a minor, you must have permission from a parent or guardian. You are permitted to interview the primary caretaker of an individual instead of the patient if they are unable to communicate effectively (Alzheimer’s, ASD, etc.).

For the provider interview: any medical professional may be interviewed (this includes pharmacists, physical therapists, mental health providers, nurses, etc.). Complete an interview with the professional (see suggested questions). Identify three major factors that affected their ability to provide care to their patients (negative or positive) and analyze their impact.

Both interviews may take place in-person or via email, virtual, phone, etc.

Submit¬†a paper written in 11 pt sans serif font (Arial, Calibri), 1.5 spacing, 1″ margins, APA style that includes the following:

  • summary of why you chose the individual for the interview (5 pts)
  • your list of questions for the interview¬†(it’s okay if the conversation veered away from your list) (5 pts)
  • at least a half-page summary of the main points that arose in the interview (10 pts)
  • at least a 1.5-page analysis (20 pts)
  • reference page (for the information you include in the analysis) (10 pts)

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