Environmental science



Citation and Penalties (Unit V)

Justin Caillouet

Columbia Southern University

September 6, 2016

After the company had received a notice that stated the citations and penalties that would come along if some actions were not taken in different areas that had inconvenience as stated by OSHA. The company decided to have a meeting with employees and supervisors to clarify that action have been taken in the last four weeks. The company meeting randomly chose staff members on duty to discuss what factors have been considered and changed.

Every company has its set goals, and it is out of this that company had to do some changes in their product quality, their method of processing and as well as their employee’s safety in general. This meeting is mainly to clarify that the company is not in a position to be citation and penalties that were subjected to the company four weeks later, the main reason, being some significant changes have being brought out in the company. The record we have in the meeting show a great impact on how the company has taken this matter in a serious way since it had to go an extra mile in issuing every person who works in the company with protective cloths that they should be wearing while working, this is for enhancing their safety.

As I stated in the meeting we have some of our employees and staff members that were picked at random to prove to every person in the meeting and the area director of regional OSHA office that the company has taken great effort to make sure that every person in the company is well protected. However, employees who have not taken this matter of safety seriously and ignoring it have faced some punishment, to which the company goes to the extent of firing some employees. I have the record that proves that some employees were fired with the reason stating in the document. This is done since the company had come into agreement with the fellow employees.

The company chooses some staff that was to represent the current product that the company is producing, and it is out of this that the director of OSHA and another member in the company have to see to it that the product has changed in terms of its appearance. This is done so as to make sure that customers and the people who are using the product do not get confuses since some instruction have been presented in the product and the chemical department have labelled all product that the employees use in the company while producing.

The company had to make sure that they had to offer every driver with driving licenses to provide safety in working condition. This was the reason as to why different measures were taken in the company; this different standard is well stated in the record as they were taken from the beginning of the week that the company was issued with the notice. The records show how the company has spent extra money so as to ensure that there are no penalties given to the company. It is out of this that we present the changes that have being done so as to ensure that there is the safety of the worker and the company runs in a smooth way as expected with no penalties that can be given to the enterprise.

The company had to make sure that some changes were done so as to reduce either the severity of some citations or the amount of some penalties laid by the OSHA officials. Hence this is the reasons as to why the company had to make immediate actions on the allegation lid down, for example, the company concerning the working conditions and the safety of workers; such changes are done to favour the company so as it cannot be given penalties like the company being shut down. It is out of this that we offer our record of the changes that have been done in the enterprise, to the director to director so as he can see to it if there can be no penalties that are opted to be laid in the business or not and see if the company has not done it part.


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