Environmental science

Unit VII Scholarly Activity
Safety Handbook
As a safety professional, you have been asked to create a handbook explaining the various types of biological agents
employees may have contact with in the workplace. In addition, you have be
en asked to include information regarding the

BOS 4301, Industrial Hygiene
basic exposure mechanisms for biological agents, methods of evaluation and control for biological agents, and methods of
sampling for biological agents. You may use the training topics discussed on pages 128

9 of your textbook as a guide.
Also, please feel free to use the CSU online library to locate additional information that you feel should be included in you
This assignment should consist of no less than three pages, and any outside sources, in
cluding your textbook, should be
referenced and cited using proper APA formatting


You will write an APA-style research paper about pollutants, their impacts, and mitigation of harmful effects. Include the following:


Use the following pollutant



    • DDT pesticide use
  • Answer the following questions about the pollution problem that you chose:
    • Describe the pollutant chosen and the source of the pollutants. Include both natural and human sources, as applicable.
      • Is this a point-source pollutant or nonpoint-source pollutant? Explain.
    • What are the harmful impacts of the pollution?
      • Describe impacts to both humans and to ecosystem structure and function.
    • What steps are in place to eliminate the pollutant or to mitigate harm from the pollutant?
      • Describe examples of laws or regulations that apply to the pollution and its sources.
      • Also, describe educational programs, technology, or other initiatives that are used to help control the pollution.
    • Have the programs, best management practices, or regulations been effective in resolving harm from the pollutant?
      • Give examples of progress, or explain with examples what more could be done.



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