Environmental science

DUE AT 3PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME Geology Home work!! Essay on Oregon Dunes Field trip… Interniatry is included.. notes included… two cheater essays are included to assist… APA format double spaced 10 pages ( which is freakn five normal pages so dont freakn try it…. Geology For Dummies Work Book included.. Research these stops online and cross reference with notes… and the two cheater essays… READ THE QUESTIONS IN THE INTERIARARY AND ANSWER THOSE QUESTIONS AS WELL..

Here is a cheater essay!!! Now obviously its older.. and the interiary is enclosed for our trip very similar same ideas….
Make sure to discuss the far north end of the dunes and the south end as in the cheater essay link.. but do not include any timeline

make SURE TO INCLUDE GARDENIA DARLINGTON AND DO NOT INCLUDE HONEYMAN STATE PARK STOP AS THE SCAN SAYS IT WAS NOT A STOP. The field trip was called The Hunt for the Yardang. Prof Metzger SWOCC. Include information about intrustions at devils elbow… include information regarding the Yardangs minus measurements just the fact information and any other correalating information.. we found a very very small one that had begun to form. Make sure to discuss the far north end of the dunes and the south end as in the cheater essay link.. but do not include any timeline

http://www.oregongeology.org/sub/default.htm Use this link for further information

The first essay enclosed below… is one that was started that is correct in format but lacking in quantifiable information that can be submitted… Use that one to get started and insert more information along with correct references and any further references… Put references in the article as it is in the first download .. That is Correct APA ….

further resources : http://www.oregongeology.org/sub/publications/OG/OGv55n05.pdf



The most important references are those listed in the PDF file attached as those were attached to our itinerary …. those references were printed out for us and included with some of the packet… the packet is to much to scan it would take a whole day of scanning with the cruddy scanner i have so I included those PDF references for a reason USE THEM PLEASE.. huge part of our understanding of what was being talked about… Thank you

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