Environmental science


One of the pivotal turning points that led to a change in public consensus on Climate Change was the airing of the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006. It provides straightforward explanations for global warming and the science behind Climate Change. It also addresses several commonly held Climate Denier Myths. If you have seen this movie before, it is still important to watch because you can focus more in depth on the science concepts that are discussed.

PART I: Assignment (16 pts)

Watch the movie at the above link. Make sure to read the questions below before watching the movie. Use separate paragraphs for each question and keep your responses organized.

1. Climate Change Science Concepts (5 pts)

The movie has many important Climate Change science concepts throughout. List 10 scientific concepts from the movie and provide 1-2 sentences describing each one. Don’t worry too much about understanding each one, the goal is to get familiar with the different concepts and start understanding the overall picture of Climate Change. You will soon be learning more details about each of these science concepts in class.

2. Three of the Most Common Climate Denier Myths (2 pts each)

Explain how Al Gore’s refutes each of the common climate denier myths below.

a) Myth #1: “Scientists don’t agree”. In your response, provide a comparison between science articles and news articles. Watch this short and humorous video to help you respond to this myth.


b) Myth #2: “Doing something would ruin our economy”. Provide a discussion of the automobile industry example. Use historical examples and include a discussion of what can happen if we don’t make the changes.

c) Myth #3: “Despair is our only possible reaction”. Discuss what we can do instead of feeling only despair. List at least three social or scientific advancements discussed in the movie where humans have been able to overcome societal norms to create extraordinary advancements previously thought to be impossible. Keep these things in mind throughout the class, to let you know that yes, Climate Change can be solved!

3. Review of “An Inconvenient Truth” (5 pts)

How much did you know about Climate Change before watching the movie? What were some of the more important things you learned from the movie? What are you confused most about Climate Change or would like to learn the most about after watching the movie? (minimum 100 – 200 words)

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