Environmental science

AST 111-QL Astronomy of the Universe Lab

AST 111-QL online lab Fall semester 2019 Astronomy of the Universe Lab


1. Learn proper measuring and data taking techniques 2. Analyze and interpret numerical, graphical and pictorial data 3. Find and employ multiple references in working through assignments 4. Present a complete and cohesive foundation level report Labs:

Lateness policy: Labs submitted after the due date may be subject to a 10% deduction of the lab grade.

Each person is entirely responsible for writing their own complete and original lab report. You may choose to work on the lab with others, but your submission must be your own work. Duplicate labs will not be accepted. Work that has been copied from online sources without reference will not be accepted.

You must provide documentation in accordance with the UAB handbook excused absences in order to make up a lab that is not completed by the end of the appropriate time window.


There will be a math review followed by 8 lab reports. Each grade will be weighted equally and the lowest will be dropped. The average of the eight remaining scores will be your grade.

Lab Report:

Each lab report must adhere to the following structure:

1. Title page with lab title, your name, and course information

2. Introduction telling what you expect to learn (1 to 2 paragraphs)

3. Answers to lab questions. All graphs, tables, figures, calculations, and other work goes in this section.

4. Conclusion summarizing the work and what you learned.

5. Questions or comments about anything. This is the place to mention positive and negative attributes of the lab as well as any part of the lab you are still unsure about.


Your class letter grade is based on the following scale: A = 88.0 – 100; B = 78.0 – 87.99; C = 68.0 – 77.99; D = 58.0 – 67.99; F = < 58.0

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