21. Which of the following titles is made more effective by alliteration?
A. “Now You See It; Now You Don’t”
B. “Guns: Our Lethal Heritage”
C. “Ruby, the Rose of Roslyn”
D. “What’s in a Name?”
22. Tressa likes to generate ideas and relationships about a topic by writing a central idea in the middle of a piece of paper and then surrounding it with related ideas connected to each other and the main idea with a series of lines or arrows. This approach is best described as
A. prewriting.
B. freewriting.
C. brainstorming.
D. mapping.
23. Alexis has been assigned to write a persuasive essay on gun control legislation. What type of evidence will she likely need to collect?
A. Personal experiences
B. Statistics that support her claim
C. Explanations of processes
D. Descriptive details
24. The introduction to an essay should not only engage the reader’s attention, but also
A. defend your approach to the topic.
B. present a call to action.
C. present your thesis statement and your approach.
D. state your conclusions about the topic.
25. When creating an outline, where should you place your thesis statement?
A. At the top of the page
B. In the center of the page
C. At the bottom of the page
D. In the margin
26. Elliot has created a paragraph-by-paragraph outline that consists of a few key words or phrases this type of outline is known as a _______ outline.
A. simple
B. scratch
C. graphical
D. key word
27. An effective paragraph not only provides specific details but presents them in
A. active voice.
B. logical order.
C. narrative form.
D. the third person.
28. As Felipe narrows his topic using the _______ method, he discovers that the topics change from words and phrases to statements of ideas.
A. drafting
B. analyzing
C. questioning
D. branching
29. Which method of organization is most often used in narrative essays?
A. Chronological
B. Spatial
C. Most-to-least
D. Least-to-most
30. Paddy and Clare are writing effective conclusions. Paddy’s conclusion will summarize his main point and reaffirm his theses statement. Clare’s conclusion will take the readers beyond the scope of her essay. Who is writing an effective conclusion?
A. Neither Paddy nor Clare
B. Both Paddy and Clare
C. Only Clare
D. Only Paddy

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