Paper 1 turns out to be five paragraphs in length, with the three body
paragraphs written with 20 sentences each.  That means that the  body
paragraphs will be 20 sentences long, or a total of 60 sentences.  The
opening and closing paragraphs will be about five or so sentences in
6. Paper 1 Preparation
6.1. Module 6.1: Getting Started–the Openng of Paper 1
6.2. Module 6.2: Evaluation Criteria
6.3. Module 6.3: Outlining
6.4. Module 6.4: Checklist
6.5. Module 6.5: Sample Paper
6.6. Module 6.6: Sample Paper
6.7. Module 6.7: Sample Thesis Statements for P1
6.8. Module 6.8: How Will Your Professor Evaluate Your Paper?
6.9. Module 6.9: Two Sample Papers 1
6.10. Module 6.10: Using Description and Example
6.11. The Writing Process
6.12. Three Assignments for Paper 1
6.13. Methods of Development
6.14. Getting Started–the Body of Paper 1
6.15. Getting Started–the Closing of Paper 1

Servant leadership vs Followership compare and contrast essay

Since the beginning of men kind, leaders and followers existed. There is always going to be people leading and following. Especially in the military and its nature of ranks and position, someone will lead and someone will follow. The servant leadership and followership requires mutual trust and understanding to bring success to the mission. To achieve this mutual trust and understanding, both leader and the follower must understand they cannot achieve the common goal without each other.

Being a servant leader is not an easy task. This job requires lot of commitment and time off the clock. Servant leaders place their soldiers’ needs above their own.

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