Identify the subject: At the mall, the shops usually stay open until 9:00..

Identify the complete verb: The submarine has been at sea for over a month.

Identify the subject: Raise your hands slowly and turn around.

Identify the subject: The books are on the top shelf of the bookcase in my room.

Identify the subject: The article in the newspaper mentioned yesterday’s robbery.

Identify the subject: The ball hit the edge of the goalpost and bounced off.

Identify the complete verb: Will he be staying long?

Complete verb: will be staying

Identify each complete verb: You should buy your ticket online and get a lower fare.

Identify the linking verb: I am so tired of doing verb exercises.

Identify the sentence that does not have an understood you as its subject.
Bring your books to class every day.
At all times, keep your eyes wide open.
In the auditorium there are one hundred students.
Next week, come with me to the concert.


Identify the subject of each sentence by clicking on it.

I’ll bold the subjects:

One of my hobbies is making my own beer. Surprisingly, not much equipment is needed. You need malt extract, grains, hops, yeast, and water. First, you boil the ingredients, except the yeast, for about forty-five minutes. Next, you allow the mixture to cool and then add the yeast and stir. Now you put the mixture in an airtight container and store it at room temperature for one to two weeks. At this point, you are ready to bottle your beer. Once bottled, the beer must stand for one to four weeks or more. The length of time depends on the exact type of beer. Before long, the brew will be ready for sampling.

Identify the subject(s) of the following sentence.

My bologna sandwich and my box of crackers dropped out of my backpack onto the floor.

Identify the subject(s) of the following sentence.

My gym class and my meeting with my advisor were at the same time.

Identify the subject: Last night, we saw the movie Jurassic Park III at the new cineplex.

Identify the action verb: The car raced toward its destination.

Identify the subject: Computer graphics are amazing these days.

Identify the subject of the following sentence.

Go to the store and buy some milk and cereal for the baby.

Identify the complete verb: Have you ever seen the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare? Have ever seen

Identify the compound verb: The rabbit sniffed the air and ran to safety.

Identify the subject of the following sentence.

Please send me an e-mail with a copy of your paper.

Identify the compound verb in the following sentence: She also watches her diet and never worries about anything.

Identify the compound verb in the following sentence: She returned to school, earned good grades, and graduated.

returned, earned, graduated
returned, earned

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