34. Leila says that a thesis statement is like a promise to a reader. Lucas says a thesis statement expresses the writer’s point of view. Who is correct?
A. Only Lucas is correct.
B. Neither Leila nor Lucas is correct.
C. Only Leila is correct.
D. Both Leila and Lucas are correct.
35. The usual point of view when writing a formal academic essay is
A. second person.
B. personal.
C. third person.
D. subjective.
36. What is the dominant pattern of development in the following passage? Having been raised on a dairy farm in rural Minnesota, Lorie Ann Kline was having trouble adjusting to life in the city and to Central High School. In a conference with her parents, the school guidance counselor explained that Lorie Ann avoided talking to her fellow students and sat by herself in the lunchroom. Perhaps most disturbing, her grades were not what one would expect given her high scholastic aptitude scores. Mrs. Kline agreed that Lorie Ann was often shy around strangers. A solemn Mr. Kline explained that his daughter had been severely bullied by two older children who had lived at the farm for a short time. The guidance counselor nodded in understanding.
A. Narration
B. Process
C. Description
D. Comparison and contrast
37. Please read the following paragraph. The sentences are numbered to help you respond to the question that follows. End of exam (1) I never set out to become a Buddhist. (2) It happened by accident one afternoon when I stumbled into a lecture given by a Tibetan lama. (3) In fact, according a Pew Research Study conducted a few years ago there are close to 500 million Buddhists worldwide. (4) The lama spoke so gently and thoughtfully about the need for compassion, especially in this day and age when violence is exploding everywhere, politics creates more problems than solutions, and more people seem to be interested in “selfies” than selflessness. (5) I had always wanted to go to Tibet, though. (6) The lama spoke about his own experiences during the invasion of his homeland, and how the sense of deep compassion he’d developed during his years of monastic training helped him to avoid feeling hatred toward the invaders. Which of the sentences detracts from the unity of the paragraph?
A. 3
B. 5 and 6
C. 3 and 5
D. 5
38. Evidence that supports your thesis should be
A. unusual.
B. representative.
C. rare.
D. generalized.
39. Lillian is looking for ideas to write about, and she decides to make a list of everything she can think of that relates to the topic of teenage romance. Which concept best describes Lillian’s strategy?
A. Free association
B. Brainstorming
C. Mapping
D. Outlining
40. In a well-structured essay, each topic sentence should help to explain or support
A. the topic sentence of the next paragraph.
B. the concluding sentence of the previous paragraph.
C. the thesis.
D. the title.
41. In the following sentence, which word is used as a coordinating conjunction? Lisa and Mary were home on time, but Kim, Francine, and Penny weren’t going to make it.
A. but
B. and
C. were
D. on
42. Which of the following sentences demonstrates a subject-verb-modifier pattern?
A. Shelly served dinner after spending hours preparing the meal.
B. Shelly, after spending hours preparing the meal, served dinner.
C. After spending hours preparing the meal, Shelly served dinner.
D. Because she’d spent hours preparing the meal, Shelly, a stickler for following recipes, finally served dinner.
43. The topic sentence of each paragraph should support the
A. thesis.
B. title.
C. conclusion.
D. topic sentence of the following paragraph.
44. The feelings and attitudes evoked by a word are referred to as its
A. connotation.
B. evocation.
C. figuration.
D. denotation.
45. Which type of learners would benefit by checking whether their thesis and topic sentences are clearly stated when revising their essays?
A. Pragmatic
B. Abstract
C. Verbal
D. Concrete
46. If one or more paragraphs in an essay lack adequate explanations or supporting details, you can
A. use a transitional phrase to link it to another paragraph that includes more details.
B. revise the topic sentence so that fewer details are needed to support it.
C. use who, what, when, where, why, and how questions to generate the details you need.
D. delete sentences that don’t support the topic sentence.
47. Contractions, slang, short sentences, and sentence fragments are all characteristic of _______ diction.
A. popular
B. non-academic
C. informal
D. conventional

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