1.In the following sentence, identify the prepositional phrase, and tell whether it acts as an adjective or adverb.
The children found the pictures in the book interesting.
A. The children; adjective
B. the pictures in; adjective
C. in the book; adjective
D. found the pictures; adverb
2. After reading an essay or other assigned material, you can enhance and clarify your understanding by creating a graphic organizer that tracks
A. your annotations.
B. unfamiliar words and phrases.
C. the key elements of the material.
D. everything you’ve highlighted.
3. Which type of sentence includes an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses?
A. Appositive
B. Complex
C. Simple
D. Compound
4. When the independent clauses of a run-on sentence are closely connected in meaning, the sentence can be corrected by joining the two clauses with a
A. adjective.
B. comma.
C. semicolon.
D. preposition.
5. Which of the following is one of the eight standard parts of speech?
A. Subject
B. Preposition
C. Modifier
D. Article
6. Choose the sentence in which the italicized pronoun agrees in number with its italicized antecedent or antecedents.
A. The waiter refilled their glasses as they emptied it.
B. Mary and Jill won’t eat her vegetables.
C. Maureen called the children for her meal.
D. The boys want their dessert now.
7. Which of the following would typically require annotating?
A. Points that elicit an emotional response
B. The author’s name
C. Passages that are easy to understand
D. Passages that have unimportant information
8. What is the conjunction in the following sentence? I will take my sister to the concert, provided that she can buy a ticket.
A. concert, provided
B. that she
C. provided that
D. to the
9. In which of the following sentences is an adverb used correctly?
A. She sang a beautiful song.
B. She sang the song beautiful.
C. She is a beautifully singer.
D. She sang beautifully.
10. Which of the following sentences demonstrates the correct use of subject-verb agreement when an indefinite pronoun is the subject?
A. Everybody was shouting at the meeting.
B. Neither of us have checked our voicemail messages.
C. Nobody were listening to the speaker.
D. Each of the boys were looking for the library.
11. The term _______ refers to a construction in which two or more independent clauses are joined by a comma but lack a coordinating conjunction.
A. complementary sentence
B. prepositional clause
C. sentence fragment
D. comma splice
12. Writing a summary of an essay, article, or other assigned reading material is an effective way to
A. determine whether you’ve understood the material.
B. formally present your own response to the author’s ideas.
C. offer a critical analysis of the material.
D. record your impressions.
13. People with a/an _______ learning style are most likely to enjoy exploring a writing topic thoroughly and completely, without restricting themselves by rules or requirements.
A. emotional
B. abstract
C. independent
D. creative
14. According to Paul’s article, “The New Marshmallow Test,” what exactly is the marshmallow test?
A. A test of hand/eye coordination
B. An experiment that tests a student’s ability to resist a blinking inbox or buzzing phone
C. A series of experiment in which young children were presented with a marshmallow and told they could have two marshmallows if they put off eating one right away
D. A series of memory retention experiments
15. Unless directed otherwise by an instructor, the best approach to writing a response paper is to
A. prepare by reading related essays.
B. critique the author’s writing style.
C. focus on a key idea or a question raised by the essay to which you’re responding.
D. begin by reading responses other people have written.
16. Which of the revisions below is the most appropriate way to correct the following sentence fragment? Jacquie doesn’t travel very much. Because she is afraid of flying.
A. Jacquie doesn’t travel very much; because she is afraid of flying.
B. Jacquie doesn’t travel very much, afraid of flying.
C. Jacquie doesn’t travel very much because she is afraid of flying.
D. Jacquie doesn’t travel very much, she is afraid of flying

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