package homework; import ds1F19lib.CSCDS1Sorts; // you must have the ds1F19lib.jar file installed //and added to the build path. import stdlib.StdOut; import stdlib.StdRandom; import stdlib.Stopwatch; /* * This is the starter file for Homework 8 Version 1.0 * <your name goes here> * */ public class CSC300HW8 { // ToDo 1 // write a static function: isSorted, which will check to see if an array of doubles // passed as a parameter, is sorted. Use this to check to see which of Sort1, Sort2, Sort3, Sort4 // correctly sort an array. You can do this by adding code to main, see ToDo 1.5 // getARandomArrayOfSize // create an array of size n and fill will random doubles // the array is returned public static double[] getARandomArrayOfSize( int n ){ double[] a = new double[n]; for ( int i=0; i < n; i++) a[i] = StdRandom.uniform(); return a; } // this main program performs the following experiment // // create an array of size 1024, fill it with random data and then sort it using Sort0 // // The experiment is done reps number of times; the average elapsed time is printed. // Note the ‘control loop’ used to exclude the overhead cost // // you might try changing Sort0 to Sort1, Sort2, Sort3, Sort4 just to make sure // they are ‘callable’ before proceeding further // // ToDo: Change main, add additional methods if you want to facilitate // collecting the data you need. // You can automate this as much or as little as you like // // You may not use any other Java classes or algorithms public static void main( String[] args) { // TODO 1.5: add code to check which sorts actually work int N = 1024; // size of data set to create and sort int reps = 100; // number of reps to perform double[] a; // control loop – to compute the time for the experimental overhead Stopwatch control = new Stopwatch(); for (int i=0; i <= reps; i++ ) { a = getARandomArrayOfSize( N) ; //CSCDS1Sorts.Sort0(a); commented out on purpose to compute overhead } double control_elapsed = control.elapsedTime(); // end of control loop // experimental loop – to calculate the total time for the experiment Stopwatch actual = new Stopwatch(); for (int i=0; i <= reps; i++ ) { a = getARandomArrayOfSize( N) ; CSCDS1Sorts.Sort0(a); } double actual_elapsed = actual.elapsedTime(); // end of experimental loop // determine average time for doing just the sorting // by subtracting off the overhead time, dividing by the number of reps double averageTime = ( actual_elapsed – control_elapsed)/reps; StdOut.format(“Number of Reps: %10d elapsed time %10.6f\n”, reps, averageTime); } }

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