ENG 417 Project 1 1

ENG417 Sustainability

Project 1

Is the widening of access to Australian higher education sustainable for the Australian

engineering or information technology professions?


Australia has significantly lowered the standard required for entry to her universities in the

quest for foreign student fees in the face of a capped domestic market. Mass tertiary education

remains a defining feature of the political landscape, with little cognisance given to the

engineering, IT, and sustainability implications of lowered entry standards to our respective



 Investigate previous attempts to regulate entry standards to professional university degrees in Australia and their eventual impact.

 Compare these with policy measures enacted in other countries and assess the desirability of their application to the engineering or information technology

professions in Australia.

 Assess the sustainability implications of lower entry standards to the engineering and information technology professions from the perspective of one of the following: civil

engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering,

structural engineering, or information technology.

The small print

This is not a task which can be completed simply by looking at the internet. Original thinking

is required, demonstrating sound reasoning and rational argument (including diagrams,

statistics, and calculations as appropriate) to support your conclusions.

Attention is drawn to the University’s policy on plagiarism. Note also that marks will not be

awarded for information taken directly from your references, even if it is referenced.

The report must be set out as a formal technical report, in .pdf file format, and it will be

marked as such. As an indication, the length requirement for this report is a maximum of

3,000 words; however, marks will be awarded for quality, not quantity.

This report is worth 20 % of the marks for this unit (a rubric is available on Learnline).

Reports are due by 1630 (ACST) on the Thursday of the mid-semester study period.

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