PHIL 215 – Engineering Ethics

Paper #3

Due: November 14th

Format: 4 pages, 12 pt. Times New Roman, 1”margins, double-spaced,

stapled, Works Cited pg, in-text citations (author p#)

Paper #3 – Case Study Assignment

For this assignment, research an engineering ethics case study of your choice and demonstrate an ability to analyze the the issue from an ethical perspective. Summarize the most important facts about the case, and explain why particular decisions or actions were immoral.

· Choose at least one real-world case study to investigate.

· Choose any case which involved engineers and some type of moral dilemma/controversy.

· Be sure to choose a real case, not a fictional “decision scenario”

· Try to select a topic not covered in class.

· Do some independent research and use at least two high-quality, in-depth, academic sources.

· Utilize CSU research databases and online engineering ethics databases in your research.

· See the instructor if you have trouble selecting a topic.

· Explain the details of the issues/cases you are discussing.

· What decisions were made in this case? Why did the participants do what they did?

· Were the relevant decisions/actions moral? Why or why not?

· What happened leading up to the failure? What were the focal and auxiliary consequences?

· What building and professional codes were in place at the time? Were they followed?

· Be specific about the people, places, companies, decisions, events, etc. involved in each case.

· Use relevant concepts from class to support your point of view on the issue.

· How do each of the moral theories and principles weigh in? Don’t “force it,” but use moral theory when appropriate to support your view.

· From an ethical perspective, what is the ultimate conclusion you have arrived at through your research of the issue?

· How did individuals related to the case fail to be professional and/or moral?

Remember :

· Think about what your final conclusion will be – what claim do you want to make? Mention this in your introductory paragraph.

· Use evidence (premises) which demonstrate that your point of view is right. Draw on what you have learned about moral principles and theories.

· This assignment is intended to help you practice researching and analyzing a moral failure in the engineering world. The 8-page Term Paper will follow the same essential guidelines.

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