· Explain the details of the issues/cases you are discussing.

◦ What decisions were made in this case? Why did the participants do what they did?

◦ Were the relevant decisions/actions moral? Why or why not?

◦ What happened leading up to the failure? What were the focal and auxiliary consequences?

◦ What building and professional codes were in place at the time? Were they followed?

Be specific about the people, places, companies, decisions, events, etc. involved in each case.

· Use relevant concepts from class to support your point of view on the issue.

◦ How do each of the moral theories and principles weigh in? Don’t “force it,” but use moral theory when appropriate to support your view.

◦ From an ethical perspective, what is the ultimate conclusion you have arrived at through your research of the issue?

◦ How did individuals related to the case fail to be professional and/or moral?


problem 1 – Write a function that outputs the vertical deflection of the beam at a point x of interest. Call the function deflection_yourlastname. The function inputs would be: 1) distance from the left end to the point of interest, x 2) length of the beam L 3) load, P 4) location where the load P is applied, a 5) Young’s modulus of the beam, E 6) Moment of inertia, I The output of the function will be the beam deflection, V. Display this output with an fprintf. Run the file for the following input sets: a) x=2.5, L=5, a=3, E=30e6, I = 0.0256, P=30 b) x=4.05, L=5, a=3, E=30e6, I = 0.0256, P=30

Problem 2

Write a function that checks whether a matrix is tridiagonal or not. A tridiagonal matrix is such that has nonzero elements on its main diagonal, the first diagonal below this and the first diagonal above the main. Outside of this, all other elements are zeros.

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