Jassim Alajmi

Long beach, Ca


Department of water power (DWP)

Lead in csulb water

Dear sir,

Water is one of the most important substance around the world, where people cannot live without it for more than three days. Schools are the most crowded place, generally, and water utilities are very essential. Students use the water regularly in campus, so it must have some stander to make sure that it is safe for students to use. Recent event in CSULB regarding a possible lead in one of the water fountains in campus. I am going to discuss the issue in three points which are the facts, my respond, and my request.

The first thing to discuss is some facts about the issue. Students were taking chemistry class which is CHEM100 and they did some testing to random fountain in campus. For instance, they did some testing to the fountains in McIntosh Humanities Building, Academic Services, Psychology, Peterson Hall 1, Vivian Engineering Center, and Social Sciences/Public Affairs. They found some lead in the McIntosh Humanities building. Lead is toxic chemical that can be harmful to human health, even a low concertation of it could be very harmful. The other fountains in campus were not carrying any lead. After confirming the issue, the infected fountain has been shut off .

My respond to this is that I am very disappointed with this issue. I was expecting a very high stander of safety and health care from the university. The university is a place that is full of students and they are expecting that all the fountain is been tested yearly so that we could drink without been worried. I have never thought of an issue like that would happened to the college that I go to. This issue is putting students in a grave danger. Imagine that one of the students got infected, the consciousness will be very big.

The request for this issue is very obvious where the collage should increase the stander of the safety and health care in campus. There should be an organization that do a yearly test to all fountain in campus and make sure it is safe for students to use. Also, replace some of the old fountains and check the pipeline for any possible corrosion. Furthermore, installing a water filter to the fountains is very important in order to achieve a higher purified water. Especially to the most used fountains such as, the gym because the possibility of infection is very high and the amount of people who are using it is very big.

In conclusion, in this letter I have discussed the recent issue with the water fountains in csulb campus in three main points which are the facts, my respond, and my request. Without the CHEM 100 class this issue wouldn’t be identified. Now, students in campus are upset and disappointed with this bad news. They weren’t expecting that from a very well know college in Los Angles area. They are a lot of percussion are required. Yearly test and water filtration are just possible solutions to eliminate the issue. The college campus is our second house where we spend most of our day time in there. Therefore, it must be very safe in order for student to feel safe to stay in. especially with a very big campuses and a lot of students enrolled in it.



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