1. Every Friday around 5:00PM Canoe hosts a game night. Anyone who is available at that time participates in the game. At the end of each game, there will be a winner or a group of winners. Losers will put 10 dollars each into the money pot. When the pot reaches 800 dollars, the firm will go out and have a party together. Please create a data model to track activities, results, players, and pot money. The model should be able to track results overtime and estimate when the pot should be full. Use whatever notation you feel most comfortable with.

2. Document Conversion Engine:

You are tasked with testing an document conversion engine that converts pdf, doc, and other types of electronic documents to plain text format and store them into data storage infrastructure, as shown in Figure 4. Write a testing plan to determine the stability of the following features: 1. System can support multiple electronic document formats and image files and converts them into plain text file and get the metadata from the original file. 2. System can access and report converted text and metadata(both pre-compiled and ad-hoc) and subsequently export to local drive. 3. System can search for successfully converted document in three different ways

● via file name and date ● via content text match ● via other document metadata

3. Given the following software interface, please write test cases that will help define the stability and highlight deficiencies of the software.

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