Go to page 205 of your recommended textbook and familiarize yourself with the CASE STUDY 9-1 tagged “IT Governance at University of Southeast” You can after that discuss and give answers to the following questions based on the case study:

1. Describe the IT governance system that was in place at the University of the Southeast using both decision rights and structure as the bases of governance.

2. The CIO wanted to implement a centralized IT governance system. As demonstrated in this case, what are the advantages of a centralized IT governance system? What are the disadvantages?

3. In your opinion, what assignment of decision rights would be best for the University of the Southeast? Please explain.

I am aware that all students have a Grammarly account. I, therefore, request you all to use Grammarly to check your paper before you upload it to iLearn, failing to do so will cause you to lose some points. The essence of doing this is to ensure that your paper is free from grammatical errors, conjugation, and spellings.

Reference: Pearlson, K., Saunders, C., Galletta, D. Managing and Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach, 6th Edition. Burlington, MA. Wiley, 2016

Please answer the following questions within your paper after reading attached document on improving decision making skills.

  1. Provide your own analysis of the paper.
    1. Was this an interesting paper for you to read? Why or why not?
  2. Review the “Future Research” section at the end of the document. If you had to contribute to the future research of this topical area, which area and which topic would you research and why?

Please make sure that the 2 pages paper is in APA format with in text citations.

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