Exam: 186083RR – Print Reading Applications
1. Architectural prints for houses don’t need to specify all details of a construction because
A. installation instructions are often shipped with the material.
B. it’s impossible to predict how site conditions will affect construction requirements.
C. final details aren’t drawn until the building is completed and as-built drawings are produced by the construction manager.
D. skilled contractors rely on their knowledge of construction methods and are responsible for the correct installation of materials
according to the design intent of the print.

2. In the figure above, the capital “R” refers to
A. the radius of the indicated surface.
B. the specified material type.
C. this as a revolved section.
D. the sheet from which this detail view was projected.
3. An isometric view of a mechanical part is often included to
A. show the difference between a first-angle and third-angle projection.
B. give a full-scale representation of the part to the machinist.
C. give inspectors the most important view of the part.
D. give a general view of the part for information only.
4. In Figure 5, the staircase leading to the second floor is
A. 3′-8″ wide with a 6′-0″ landing at the top.
B. 1′-0″ wide with a landing of 8′-8″ at the top.
C. only partially constructed.
D. next to the restroom on the east side of the building.

5. Section B-B from the drawing in Figure 5 is found
A. on Sheet 4 over the title “detail A”.
B. on Sheet B.
C. on Sheet A4.
D. on this sheet by looking in the direction of the arrow.
6. In Figure 4, how thick is the collar in the least material condition (LMC)?
A. 7.8 mm
B. 3.8 mm
C. 7.6 mm
D. 4.2 mm
7. In Figure 4, the feature with a nominal diameter of 22.50
A. is a countersink that’s 7.8 mm deep.
B. is for reference only.
C. appears four places on the print.
D. is a through-hole.
To answer the question below, click here and refer to the schematic found in Figure 1.
In Figure 1, the power unit most likely includes
A. only double-acting pumps.
B. a directional control valve and an actuator.
C. an electrical motor driving a unidirectional pump.
D. a reservoir and check valve.
9. Referring to the figure, how many florescent lights are located on the first floor?
A. 4
B. 0
C. 16
D. 18
10. In the right-hand view shown in Figure 3, notice the dimension that contains 2× 70.1/70.0. In this case,
the 2x means the
A. dimension is actually 140/140.2 mm.
B. dimension also applies to another location, in this case at the bottom of the part.
C. dimension applies only between the two circular bosses at the top of the frame.
D. detail is drawn at a 2:1 scale for clarity.

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