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EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership-Week 2 Assignment


Week 2 Readings: Be sure you are logged into Blackboard in order to access all of the readings from these links. All References listed below are in APA format for citation.

1. Lunenburg, F. C. (2010, September). The principal as instructional leader. In National forum of educational and supervision journal (Vol. 27, No. 4, pp. 1-7).,%20Fred%20C.%20The%20Principal%20as%20Instructional%20Leader%20NFEASJ%20V27%20N4%202010.pdf

2. EL Education Core Practices. (2017) (n.d.). Retrieved from . p.16 & 76

3. Center on Standards and Assessments Implementation (CSAI), & WestEd. (2018). Standards Alignment to Curriculum and Assessment. CSAI Update. Center on Standards and Assessments Implementation. Center on Standards and Assessments Implementation. Retrieved from

4. Desravines, J., Aquino, J., & Fenton, B. (2016). Breakthrough principals: A step-by-step guide to building stronger schools. John Wiley & Sons. p.51-67

5. Bambrick-Santoyo, P. (2018). Leverage Leadership 2.0: A Practical Guide to Building Exceptional Schools. John Wiley & Sons. p.1-21, 89-125.

Part 1: Review State Curriculum Standards and Local District Curriculum Policy


A. Summary W2LO1:(CLO1), W2LO2:(CLO2): Using the Basic Writing Elements Model found in the Resource section of this course, complete the following summary regarding the state standards and analysis regarding district standards. Access the TEA Web site at link below. Include at least one paragraph on each Rule from Chapter 74 of the Texas Administrator Code, Title 19.$ext.ViewTAC?tac_view=5&ti=19&pt=2&ch=74&sch=A&rl=Y

Texas Administrative Code:


Essential Knowledge and Skills


Description of a Required Elementary Curriculum


Description of a Required Secondary Curriculum


English Language Proficiency Standards


Academic Achievement Record (Transcript)


College and Career Readiness and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Alignment

B. Review your school district’s policy on curriculum and instruction which should be available on your district’s web site.

C. Cite any sources and/or readings used as evidence to support your statements in APA format.

State Standards:

Directions: Compose a six-paragraph summary including each of the following six Rules from Chapter 74 in the Texas Administrative Code, Title 19. Be sure to include one paragraph per Rule listed above.


The Texas Education Agency (2017), explained the state standard of Essential Knowledge and Skills as….

District Policy:

Directions: Compose a three-paragraph analysis. After reviewing your school district’s policy regarding curriculum and instruction and based on what you learned about TEA curriculum standards requirements, analyze the following questions listed below. These are core alignment topics to ensure the direction of your district’s curriculum is aligned to the state with a focus on improving student achievement.

Be sure to include one paragraph per question.


Is your district’s policy comprehensive enough? State why or why not.

The Fallen Independent School District (2018), described the alignment to state standards…..

Does your district’s curriculum policy align with Texas standards (e.g. TEKS)? State why or why not?

Does your district’s curriculum policy make specific requirements about student achievement? If not, as an instructional leader what would you recommend?


Texas Education Agency. (2018). Texas Administrative Code. Date.$ext.ViewTAC?tac_view=5&ti=19&pt=2&ch=74&sch=A&rl=Y

Fallen Independent School District. (2018). District Curriculum Policy. Date. (URL link).

Part 2: Organizing a Crosswalk: Building for Curriculum Alignment


A. Crosswalk: W2LO3: (CLO2): Pick a content specific area of need from the Data Set you received with the Week 1 Assignment. Then, focus on the alignment between that area’s state standards (external accountability) and your district, campus, instructors, and assessments (internal accountability) curriculum. There are three elements to this Crosswalk 1) Research 2) Planning 3) Accountability. You will be completing the Planning (white section) element to the Curriculum Crosswalk for Alignment. Examples are listed for you to reference, delete examples prior to beginning.

B. Use this link to access your state Texas Essential Skills & Knowledge (TEKS):

(You do not have to cite APA in this section)

Curriculum Crosswalk for Alignment

External Accountability: How well are we doing?

Internal Accountability:

What are we doing?

1. State Standards

2. District Curriculum & Instruction

3. Campus Curriculum Alignment

4. Teachers Instruction

5. Student Achievement



Research: Gather the resources you will need to build a Curriculum Crosswalk for Alignment.

TEKS Chapter

Scope & Sequence

Year in Brief or Scope & Sequence

Instructional Grid or Lesson Plans

Assessments, Student Work Assignments, Benchmark

Planning: How will you get the Curriculum to Align?

§111.39. Algebra I Adopted 2012 (One Credit).

2(B) write linear equations in two variables in various forms, including y = mx + b, Ax + By = C, and y – y1 = m (x – x1), given one point and the slope and given two points;

End of Course Exams (EOC)

District Scope & Sequence

Cycle 1-first 6-weeks, 28 Days

Campus Scope and Sequence

Cycle 1-first 6-weeks, 28 Days

3 class periods (90-minutes each) or 6 class periods (45-minutes each)


Unit 4: Equations of Lines Students write various forms of linear equations from multiple representations and connect them to their graphs and to the parent graph of linear functions in mathematical and real-world situations, including parallel and perpendicular lines.

6-Week Summative Assessment

Calculate the slope between the two points (-3, 3), (3, -1)



Accountability: Where are these items archived for accountability, stakeholders, and transparency?

State Agency URL

Admin Office, URL to Scope & Sequence or DIP,

Principal Office, Department Chair, URL to Scope & Sequence or CIP,

Principal, Department Chair, Online Lesson Plans, Teacher

Teacher, Data Points

Central office or

Principal Office or

Teacher copy or

Student work, 6-week exams, reflections, online data, summative assessments, formative assessments, and EOC

Part 3: Element for Professional Development:

Comprehensive School-Level Instructional Leadership 3-Day Professional Development Plan

The final signature assessment in this course is to write a comprehensive, school-level instructional leadership 3-Day professional development plan. This plan will be due in Week 4 and include multiple elements. This week you will focus on one of the Elements for Professional Development called, Content: Providing Academically Challenging Content: Curriculum Alignment.


A. Align the Curriculum W2LO4: (CLO2): Working with your data sets given with the Week 1 assignment, you began to identify trends, patterns, and themes from student work, the TAPR, and the results from a teachers’ professional development needs survey to identify your initial information for your 3-Day Professional Development Plan. Now, you will plan an Activity portion of the 3-Day Professional Development Plan that will focus on Curriculum Alignment. Examples are listed for you to reference, delete examples prior to beginning.

B. Complete the section Content: Providing Academically Challenging Content.

C. Use 12 pt. black font: Times New Roman. The table cells will expand to fit your text.


Providing Academically Challenging Content

Professional Development: Day 2: Curriculum Alignment


State, District, and Campus Standards:

· List items here

Schedule & Activities:

Schedule & Activities to be conducted: (Describe in depth the activities)

· “Map it Out”, “See it, Name it” “Do it” (Leverage Leadership 2.0)

· 9:00am-10:00am- Map it Out

· 10:00am-12:00pm- See it

· 12:00pm-1:00pm- Lunch

· 1:00pm-2:00pm-Name it

· 2:00pm-3:00pm-Do it


Professional Development Objective:

Curriculum Alignment

Evaluation/Follow-up Methods: Choose a “best practices” or evidence-based strategies to be used to measure progress:

· Applications

· Strategies

· Implementation Tools

· T-TESS Evaluations

· Walk Throughs

· 6- or 9-Week Check-ups-for progress monitor

· Year-long calendar to document improvement from previous year

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