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Contemporary Challenges in Business


Getting a DBA has been one of my greatest dreams. This is because it will enhance my capability in administering community projects and to assist the youth in my community. For the longest time, the youth in my community have been at risk of engaging in irresponsible activities such as taking drugs which has made me be very much worried about the future of the community. The rate at which the youth are perusing education is low where the majority of them find themselves having no bargaining power in the highly diversified job market. This situation, therefore, has made the majority of them jobless, motivating them to engage in unethical practices. Pursuing an DBA will enhance my capability and my bargaining power to relevant authorities to convince them the importance of empowering the youth through initiating productive projects in the community which will ensure that the youth are kept occupied. This will not only create job opportunities for the youth but also enable them to refrain from indulging themselves in criminal activities. The knowledge I will obtain will be very useful in administering and controlling different projects to enhance their success as well as keeping them profitable.

Based on my SWOT Analysis, attainment of an DBA has several strengths. First, it will enhance my bargaining power in the process of sourcing capital to initiate different community projects. Secondly, it will enable me to acquire great knowledge useful in business administration practices as well as management skills. Also, it will give me the privilege to be involved in the various development projects which may be initiated by the local authorities in our community since I will be considered capable and in a better position to effectively analyze and present the various challenges affecting the community. One of the most anticipated weaknesses is inadequate to support from the community. Since there are few people who have attained such an academic achievement so far, I expect a lot of criticism and discouragement from the people of the society. This is because the majority do not have the belief or inspiration that something can be done to correct the situation and change the mentality of the youth, therefore, they will not offer their support to me. Another anticipated weakness is lack of adequate funds to fully fund my studies. This is because of my average background since it is a middle-income family, therefore; there is the possibility of facing some challenges when undertaking my studies.

Attaining a DBA will create numerous opportunities to pursue in the future. First, it will make me a spokesman of the community and in the initiation of different activities in the community. It will also put me be in a better position to advocate for the implementation of youth programs in the community. It will also help me win the trust of those various institutions that I will be seeking support from financially, socially and psychologically as I seek help in different aspects which will be useful to my community. In the process, various threats are likely to manifest themselves. The most anticipated threat is the threat of resistance. This is because it is human nature to refuse to be corrected since most of the people believe they are always right. Therefore, there is the likelihood of facing threats from the youth who may think that I am against them.

There are several goals that I aim to achieve. First, to put all my efforts to ensure that my attainment of an DBA is a success. Also, to ensure that I change the living standards in my community by providing development projects for the youth. The third objective is to ensure that I motivate the youth to put more efforts in academics since it is the main key to success.

One of my main strengths which will enable me to achieve my set objectives is my ambition. The ambition to see the community succeed keeps me going. Also, the support and trust that I have from my family and relatives motivate me to do something for them and the community at large. Also, the academic knowledge that I will obtain will increase the chances of ensuring that my objectives are attained. The main factor that may hinder me from attaining my dream is finances. Lack of finances may hinder my efforts to complete my studies and in turn, deter me from focusing on my dream. The other thing that may challenge me is health problems since one does not know what may happen in the future. Also, lack of cooperation and support from the community may prevent me from achieving my objectives.

To overcome such challenges, I am psychologically prepared to face any resistance and to undertake different initiatives to convince the community that I have their best interest at heart. Also, I have applied for various scholarship programs and support from various stakeholders for financial support. I also have different project proposals which may be very useful to gain support not only from the community but also from individuals and institutions who may support me in attaining my dream. I am also a member of different youth groups and this will give me a platform to express my concerns on different aspects of the community and also interact with them to know other challenges that they face.

In conclusion, the attainment of my DBA will mark a breakthrough in my life and increase my chances of attaining my objectives. This will increase my capacity and my bargaining power in different aspects which may increase the level of opportunities to pursue my vision. Through the DBA program, I will be able to acquire useful knowledge which will enable me to develop various projects which will solve different problems in the society. The process will increase my exposure to various global aspects and initiatives which expound my knowledge in global aspects which will motivate the implementing of positive social changes in my community and the world at large.

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