Assignment Paper: Selecting Texts for Emergent and Beginning Literacy Learners PreK–K

Write a 2 paper that describes the set of at least three texts you selected for both your emergent and beginning literacy learners. Include the following in your description: Using APA style and reference.

· The topic or unit of study

· Title and author of each text

· Include the URL, or website address, for the digital text


· Explain how each text relates to the cognitive and non-cognitive aspects of your emergent and beginning literacy learner.

· Explain how these texts can help you support your emergent and beginning literacy learners with regard to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and/or other standards.

· Identify and explain where each text falls on the continua from linguistic to semiotic and narrative to informational within the appropriate level of difficulty described in the Analyzing and Selecting Text media program.

· Explain the specific difficulties related to the texts and the factors that impact the complexity of each text.

· Explain how you might use one or more texts in this grouping to facilitate student writing.

Use Helpful References or other references to support your paper.

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