A Class Divided and the Invisible Knapsack Review

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Grand Canyon University: EDU 330


A Class Divided and the Invisible Knapsack Review


Include an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement as the final sentence. This paragraph should mention the two resources under review and then provide your stance about if you recommend the resources or not. That is the primary topic of this paper.

Stance of Resources

Explain your stance on the resources in this section. Provide a brief summary of what the resources are trying to argue. Explain why or why not you support these materials. Discuss your own placement on the cultural competence continuum in relation to the controversial issue you chose to write about in this course. You should provide examples of why or why you will include these items. Also, if you choose to not use the resources this where you can provide your examples of sources that could be used instead. Explain this in multiple paragraphs with in- text citations.


Conclude by providing a clear recommendation for the principal to use this source. This should include a brief summary of your findings and wrapping up the report by restating the thesis statement.


In-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

You should have a MINIMUM of three scholarly journals. I will accept articles from any point in the last three years. You should have nothing published before 2014.

�Please edit the header. To do this double-click with your mouse on the header. Please change to your title and remember that this should be in all capital letters and should not use italics. The title should match the title of your title page or be a shorter version. The running head will appear on each page of the document.

�Please change all items in italics to non-italics once you include your information. Example replace Title with your original title. You may create your own title if you choose but make sure all titles are aligned

�Make sure the title matches your cover page. Remember to that the title is not formatted using italics.

Please keep the headings in your assignment, these should not be deleted. Please delete this comment before submission. By right clicking on the comment and pressing delete.

�Your final work should not be in italics.

�Please fully follow APA for all references. The reference should not be centered. The reference should not be in italics unless noted by APA. The reference should use a hanging indent, all references present on the reference section should include an intext citation that follows APA Style. Please refer to this link to locate the APA Style guide provided by the University: � HYPERLINK “” ��

�Please use a hanging indent on the reference page.

To format this please highlight your>> reference select the arrow in the corner on the tool bar.

On the window that opens select “Hanging” from the dropdown menu.

image1.png image2.png

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