1: Knowledge questions

When preparing written responses to each of the knowledge questions, use examples to support wherever possible. These examples should be based on your own experiences and demonstrate your understanding of key concepts.

Acknowledge any sources of information you have used (websites, books etc.) by referencing the original source.

Task Task title Task requirements/Questions
1.1 Learning theories a. Name and briefly explain twotheories of adult learning that you feel are particularly useful.
b. For each theory named above, describe twoexample of how this theory influences your practice as a trainer.
1.2 Learning styles a. Briefly explain what the term, ‘learning styles’ means.
b. Name oneresource available to help you identify your learners’ preferred learning styles.
c. Describe two examples of how your understanding of learning styles influences your practice as a trainer.
1.3 Principles of adult learning a. Describe three principles of adult learning that you feel are particularly useful.
b. Describe one example of how you do (or could) apply each principle described above, when you facilitate individual or group learning in your workplace.
1.4 Inclusivity a. Describe one way you do (or could) identify needs before, or at the start of group or individual learning.
b. Describe two training approaches you could use to meet diverse needs of individual learners within a learner group.
c. Identify two situations where you have noticed (or may notice) a learner who was struggling with material.

For each situation:

· describe the situation

· explain what the learner/s said or did, which indicated that they were struggling

· describe how you helped the learner.

d. Describe two sources of resources or support people available to help you support learners with specific needs.
1.5 Ensure healthy and safe learning Describe how you ensure healthy and safe learning. To do this, answer the questions below:

a. Before training

· What information do you give learners before training begins?

· What else must you do before training begins, to ensure healthy and safe learning?

b. At the start of the training event

· What information do you give learners at the start of training?

· What else do you do at the start of training, to ensure healthy and safe learning?

c. Throughout training delivery, what do you do to maintain a healthy and safe learning environment?

1.6 Work Health and Safety (WHS) procedures Explain Work Health and Safety (WHS) procedures in your organisation. To do this, answer the questions below:

· How are WHS hazards recorded and reported in your organisation?

· What emergency procedures are there?

· Where can you go to source WHS information?

· How is equipment used in your organisation maintained for safety?

1.7 Communication and presentation skills a. Name two types of presentation aids or materials you use when presenting information, and describe how you do or could use each aid to enhance the effectiveness your presentations.
b. Name two principles of effective communication, and explain how you use each to ensure clear communication between you and your learners/audience.
1.8 On-the-job learning a. Name at least twoissues to consider when planning and organising ‘on the job’ learning in your workplace.
b. For each issue, describe steps you could take to ensure safe and productive learning without negatively impacting the learner, other employees, or workplace productivity.
1.9 Inappropriate learner behaviour a. Describe two examples of inappropriate behaviour that learners may demonstrate in a group-based training situation typical to your workplace.
b. For each example, describe at least one strategy you could use to effectively manage the behaviour.
1.10 Recording and securing training information a. Describe how training records are stored and maintained in your workplace.
b. Describe how your workplace ensures security and confidentiality of training records.
1.11 Evaluation and review Describe a systematic process that your workplace uses (or could use) to review and evaluate the effectiveness of training sessions or presentations you deliver and explain the benefits of doing this.

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