Assignment: Plans for Action Research

(Reading literacy)

To help you prepare

· Think about a strategy, intervention, or some other action you might implement to address your research question(s) in your classroom setting. Consider how you will collaborate with colleagues and reflect on the action research process, including data collection, how will you go about conducting your plan?  How might you represent your timeline and plan in a graphical representation?


For this Assignment, you will develop your action research plan (Part C: Making a Plan), explain how you will work with colleagues to implement your action research project (Part D: Collaboration), and create a timeline for your project (Part E: Create a Timeline ).

Add the following to your Action Research Project essay specializing area in Reading literacy.

Respond to the following in Part C; Part D; Part E. Using APA style and reference.

Part C: Making a Plan : Write ½ page

· Describe a strategy, intervention, or some other action that you might implement to address the problem you identified in your research question(s).

· Explain the change(s) you plan to make in your teaching, your classroom, or your outreach to improve learning.

Part D: Collaboration: Write ½ page

· Articulate your plan for working with teaching colleagues and/or administration throughout the action research process.

· Explain, with rationale, the different types of collaboration in which you will engage as your work through your action research plan.

Part E:  Create a Timeline : Write ½ page

· Create and explain a graphical representation of a timeline you plan to follow for the rest of your action research project.

Helpful References

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