rofessionalism as an Educator

Part 1: Describe a professional behavior that will help promote a positive school culture and collaborative relationships. Beneath the description, use GCU format to cite a professional guideline that supports the behavior. Refer to the resources in Topic 1 to support your examples. Each example should not exceed 25 words (excluding the reference).

Students Students’ Families Coworkers Administrators

Sample answer: All gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students will be treated with dignity and respect.

Arizona Administrative Code. Title 7. Education, Article 13. Conduct – R7- 2-1308- Unprofessional and Immoral Conduct. Retrieved from Title_07/7-02.pdf

Sample answer: When interacting with families of a diverse culture, act respectfully, and build harmonious relationships through respectful communication.

Grand Canyon University. COE Dispositions, Respect for the Diversity of Others. Retrieved from Education/Resources/ Professional- Dispositions-of-Learners.php

Sample answer: When in a disagreement with a fellow teacher, the conflict will be resolved privately, with civility and consistency within district policy.

National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification. Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE). Retrieved from

Sample answer: When applying for a teaching position, the information shared in the resume and interview will be truthful and accurate.

National Education Association. Code of Ethics. Retrieved from 30442.htm)

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Part 2: Reflection

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