Google Slide Scavenger Hunt

Your mission is to complete the scavenger hunt items in BLUE. There is one challenge on each slide.

#1 Change the background of this slide to a beach scene.

#2 Change the theme of this presentation and add orange text to this slide explaining your choice.

I like this theme because orange is my favorite color

#3 Create a Venn Diagram below and compar and contrast the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Use the “Explore” Tool to find your information.

Higher sea


Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean


They are both parts of a single global ocean

#4 Make this slide black and insert a picture of a location anywhere in the world that’s on your travel bucket list.

#5 Use the “Big Number” layout to tell me what percentage of your time this summer was spent with friends.

60 % was spent with friends and the rest was spent with my family

#6 Use “scribble” to draw a picture of your favorite food item on this slide.

#7 Describe your favorite summer experience in quattrocento font and build a transition into this slide.

My favorite part about summer was riding my dirt bike and doing wheelies

#8 Use this slide to create a collage of tilted and overlapping images of your favorite things.

#9. Find your favorite music video on YouTube and insert that video into this slide.

#10. Make a bulleted list of your top 5 favorite movies and animate your list so they appear one click at a time in presentation mode.

#11. Use Word Art to articulate one goal you have for yourself this year.

#12. Insert a picture of yourself, add a thought bubble, and ask a question you have about this class.

*Bonus: Create a bar graph where the Y axis lists your main after school activities and/or time commitments (e.g. soccer practice, babysit sister) and X axis shows the number of minutes a day you do each activity.

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