Week 1 Discussion 


Resume Peer Review<

For this discussion forum, you will create a resume and apply for a job from the Multigenerational Center’s job board in the Multigenerational Center Activity (Links to an external site.). Multigenerational Center Job Board (Links to an external site.). Look at the jobs in your program and pay attention to the skills and requirements. Consider the required qualifications as well as the job description before you choose the position that most closely aligns with your field of study.

Your first step in applying for this position is submitting a resume to the Multigenerational Center’s director. Creating a strong resume is a crucial component in any successful job search. Your resume serves as your personal marketing document and your first impression to prospective employers. To create a strong resume, you must first identify the message you want the reader to receive and determine the skills and qualifications you would like to highlight on your resume. In this case, you should highlight your skills that are applicable to the job at the Multigenerational Center. For this discussion, you will explore the components of a strong resume, reflect on your own career goals, and assess what action steps you can take to make your resume stronger.

To prepare for your discussion, watch the pre-recorded Career Jump Start Series Part 1: Developing a Professional Cover Letter and Resume (Links to an external site.) webinar to help prepare you for creating or updating your resume. Then, complete the Ashford University Multigenerational Center Activity (Links to an external site.) in your online classroom.

Use the resume resources in Ashford University’s Career & Alumni Services’ Marketing Yourself (Links to an external site.) to develop an initial resume, so you can target the resume to the specific job at the Multigenerational Center. Review the Compare and Contrast Resumes documentPreview the document from Career Services when creating your resume.

In your initial post, create your resume using the Week 1 Discussion Resume Template. Preview the documentPost your resume in the in the Discussion Forum, with your response to the following points:

· Name your program of study.

· State the title of the position for which you are applying.

· In one to two sentences, explain how your field of study has prepared you for this position.

· Share one item (example: a connection you made while volunteering) that does not really fit on your resume


Week 1 – Assignment

Crafting an Effective Cover Letter

Cover letters are recommended and, in some instances, required for job applications. If you want to stand out from other candidates, you will want to write a unique cover letter for each application you submit. Cover letters allow you to clarify, detail, and expand upon your most relevant skills and competencies. In addition, a cover letter allows you to showcase your written communication skills. The goal is to tailor the body of your cover letter to the position you seek.

To prepare for the assignment,

· Explore the components of a cover letter by viewing the following sources:

o For step-by-step instructions for creating a cover letter, please use the Cover Letter and Sample (Links to an external site.) to see additional ways to format your cover letter.

o For more in-depth guidance for writing a cover letter, please watch the Career Jump Start Series Part 1: Developing a Professional Cover Letter and Resume (Links to an external site.) webinar.

· Determine which of the positions you are applying for at the Ashford Multigenerational Center (Links to an external site.), and using the job description (Links to an external site.), identify three skills or qualifications that match your background. You must craft your letter to reflect one of the positions listed in your respective program in the Ashford Multigenerational Center Job Board (Links to an external site.).

In your assignment,

· Create a cover letter using the format suggestions from both the webinar and cover letter sample. At a minimum, your cover letter assignment must

o Include a separate title page.

o Address your letter to the Center Director, Dr. Tony Farrell.

o Include a statement of the job title for the Ashford Multigenerational Center Job Board (Links to an external site.) and your interest in it.

o Identify three matching skills and/or competencies you would like to highlight for the center director that are mentioned in the job description that you possess.

o Identify two additional skills and/or competencies that are not mentioned in the job description that you would bring to the table.

o Explain why you would be a good fit for the position and the Ashford Multigenerational Center.

· Create a one-page reflective response that includes the following:

o Describe why you did or did not find this assignment beneficial.

o Identify at least one thing that you wish you could add to your cover letter, but you don’t think you should add.

o Identify what you would like to do as professional development to be able to add to your cover letter.

o Explain whether or not you think you will be able to use this letter as you apply for jobs after graduation.

o Identify at least one question you would like your instructor to answer about applying for jobs.

o Include one scholarly source to support your ideas; use APA (Links to an external site.) formatting.

o Include one scholarly source to support your ideas; use APA formatting. but will work in your Cover Letter.

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