This module illustrates a good number of issues related to how technology is being used to erode our freedoms and reduce individual privacy in the name of national security.  At the end of this lesson the student should be able to illustrate privacy concerns in light of the technologies being used and offer suggestions to balance individual privacy concerns and the need for national security.  Before viewing the material posted within this module, please read the material in your textbook on pages 287-309.  Then view the material contained within this folder.  Please submit a 5 page paper that illustrates the major issues that you find relevant regarding this issue.  Each student should address the positive and negative consequences of these technologies in helping to address national security issues and how the technologies illustrated are eroding our freedoms.  Lastly, please illustrate what you do to protect yourself from Internet hackers and those trying to compromise your Internet safety.    This assignment should include references in APA style.

Write one or two paragraphs!

More and more Americans, when asked to state their religious affiliation, answer “no religion.” Many of these Americans serve in the military. Chaplains are recruited in the military of various faiths to serve the spiritual needs of military personnel. Today there is a call for Atheist or Humanist chaplains to serve the needs of people who do not believe in God and who are unaffiliated with any religion. What sort of obligations do the Armed Forces have to provide religious services for military personnel? Should this include atheists and humanists? Given that the military is a federal organization, what reasons might they have for addressing the spiritual and emotional needs of some soldiers but not others?

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