Action Plan 5: 1


Action Plan 5: Advocating for Children and Families in Your Community

Ashley Ann Abron

May 13, 2018



Erin Eissler

Walden University

Identify Strategies:

1. To help with food the school could do a once a month food drive and make the food available for families that are at poverty level. Give the children extra points in class when they donate an item to the pantry. With this assistance it will let the parents know they have support and people that will help them. Assurance is comforting to the parents as they may not know what to do or were to turn to. Gathering information on any government assistance would be helpful as well. We as professionals should try to assist the parent all we can as we are helping the student.

2. At the end of the year send letters home asking parents to donate their old uniforms. This could also be a community outreach you would be surprised how many people are will to help the children as they are our future. Take uniforms and have them available for the children of poverty so they can attend school on time. I have seen first had were parents can’t afford clothes for their child and they late starting. I myself have bought for the less fortune they deserve a fighting chance.

3. Bring as much awareness to the subject as possible. As people may already be aware of the situation if it’s not something constantly mention it will lose drive. The children are being affected most from living in poverty as they may be malnutrition, abused or sexually assaulted. The parents need to know that people out here care and are fighting to get minimum wage raised.

Potential Impact:

1. Giving food to the parents that are living in poverty can impact the children lives in a major way by them having the proper nutrition they can focus on school and just being a child. The child can lose focus if there stomach is hurting from being hungry. They need to eat and if helping them by giving food then this should be done across the world. To help get the crusade on the way I would ask fellow coworkers and parents if they would like to help me organize the program so we can get started helping.

2.The once a year old clothes drive that would be done once a year could help the children by giving them what they need for the first day of school, not a week later because there mother didn’t have the money to buy the school clothes. We as a community can come together to give and gather to get ready for the give back asking anyone that’s wants to help to help in anyway. Here in Louisiana this is done in my community every year and you would be amaze at the turnout who knew so many people need help.

3. Bringing awareness can help shed light on a situation that the child can’t voice their opinion on poverty who would listen to them. A child need a voice and we as professionals can help give them one. By showing awareness it also shows the child the we care and they are safe with us. We should support and be there for the children as well as their parents.

Me and some friend’s coupon year round so we can do a summer jam and give out book sacks, school supplies, and clothes if available. So I see poverty first hand every day. I see how it affects the children and nobody seem to care. But if you can get a few people to take notice the others will follow. We are able the help over 200 families each year. Because someone took notice and decided to give back to those that were less fortune. The groups don’t take much to organize you just have to find other professionals that are willing to do the same. Post a sign on the break room bulletin board asking if anyone would like to volunteer or join the cause to help the less fortune. The outcome should be amazing and you will be overjoyed you took the time to do so. And seeing the smile on the children faces will be priceless. There are children right here at our school that need our help. We should get together with other professionals and start clothes dives and food drive so we can help them out. The children are living in poverty and they need our help will you please think about the proposal.

I have a note posted on the break room bulletin board about a meeting on child poverty. I would greatly appreciate your attendance at the meeting as the problems is growing and needs attention. I will also be serving refreshments.

Section 1 identifying the issue: Providing High-Quality Child Care for All Children

Children living in poverty is at an all-time high. Most of the children come from a single parent home and have less than a high school diploma. Not saying they can’t acquire the proper education so they can provide for their family. In Louisiana the unemployment rate is also up. The minimum wage is only $7.25 so most of the parents work two jobs just to make ends meet. So education is put on the backburner because they have no adult around to assist with homework or any guidance in their home. So it is very hard for the child to come to school to follow rules thus showing us that poverty is does not only just affect were u live, but your behavior at school and other functions. Poverty is all around us as we see people struggling just to put food on the table. And if the child is hungry they can’t focus on the lesson being taught.

I picked Providing High-Quality childcare as my issue point in light of the fact that in the United States there is no set standard that offices must take after. Subsequently, there is an extensive variety of value among kid mind focuses and not every one of them are high caliber. Numerous families require the assistance of tyke mind offices in light of the fact that a larger part of kids have the two guardians working. Discovering “top notch” kid care can be hard for guardians to discover as well as to pay for. In California by and large, an entire day kid care can cost anyplace amongst $2,800 and $12,000 a year and 4 out of 10 of these focuses met the measures set by the National Institute for Early Education. In 2014 1 of every 4 kids in California lived in destitution and knowing the cost of kid mind that implies that low-wage families have either constrained alternatives to which focuses they can send their kid or can’t bear to pay for childcare. Families that have a yearly wage of $25,000 a year would not be fit the bill to get youngster mind help from the legislature.

The issue of “value” childcare additionally spreads to the individuals who are utilized in these offices. Numerous states (counting California) don’t expect educators to have preparing and the individuals who work with kids ages 0-5 are not required to have an instructing permit. Furthermore, their pay rates normal around 16,980 a year and frequently get no advantages or paid leave. The absence of financing’s and control towards quality kid mind is denying these offspring of huge instructive help in their initial years that can set them up for advance training. Not simply California but rather the United States has far to go in giving astounding tyke care to all kids.

Section 2: Identifying my Strategies

Part III: Identify the Potential Impact

The nature of childcare can have an enduring impact a children advancement which can affect their future. On the off chance that the childcare is of excellent it can set them up for future achievement in school, while lacking youngster care can prompt postponements in their intellectual and social advancement. As we are presently poor – average childcare exceeds amazing consideration. What fantastic childcare is accessible is regularly distant for some families. It’s incredible for associations to have spearheaded what benchmarks are expected to accomplish top notch childcare, however without legitimate laws set up how would you anticipate that these offices will uphold these models? I recommend that on the off chance that we endeavor to seek after the key arrangement that I proposed I feel that we can enhance the present childcare or even take out low quality childcare. Having laws for general fantastic childcare will take out disarray on both a microsystem scale and a microsystem scale on what is great childcare. Likewise, having these laws will expect offices to maintain controls and approaches to keep up this high caliber.

Astounding childcare should be moderate for all families. For families that are among the common laborers and underclass who make between 15,000-40,000 every year paying for childcare and be a budgetary weight. Also, numerous families living in neediness don’t fit the bill for what constrained help the legislature brings to the table. Having reasonable excellent childcare will open the entryway for them, which was beforehand restricted to just center privileged families. Likewise, we can additionally enhance the nature of our childcare offices by enhancing the state of the representatives. On the off chance that our legislature can give assets to legitimate preparing, fair wages, and advantages that educators will probably remain inside their office for an expanded period. This will lead them to shape an enduring connection to their understudies and families and maintain a strategic distance from their office from sitting idle and assets looking new substitution. These thoughts may appear to be vague however in the event that we can work with our group and neighborhood government than one day these thoughts can turn into a reality.


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