EDUC 798

DISSERTATION REVIEWS INSTRUCTIONS This paper will consist of 2 separate 6-page reviews of 2 different doctoral dissertations in 1 Microsoft Word document. You will locate 2 Liberty University doctoral dissertations written within the past 5 years. All the School of Education doctoral dissertations can be found here: The dissertations are organized chronologically with 2014 on top. Clicking on the title of a dissertation will take you to a page with some basic info for that dissertation, including the abstract. Clicking on the “Download” button will pull up a full-text document for the dissertation. You will not need a special login to access these PDFs. One of these dissertations must focus on the proposed research topic of personal interest that you identified in Discussion Board Forum 2; the other dissertation must employ a research design type similar to that which you will propose in your Research Methodology Presentation in Module/Week 7.

The review must include:

• A Title page • For Each Dissertation,

o 2-page summary of the dissertation o 2-page analysis of the quality of the research conducted (What are the strengths

and limitations of the research? What was done well? What could be improved? How would you do the research differently?)

o 2-page personal analysis and practical application discussion (describe personal lessons learned from the dissertation and the relevance of the reviewed work within the field of education)

• A References page The body of the paper must be at least 12 pages (not counting title and reference pages), must include references and citations for the 2 dissertation sources, and must be formatted in current APA style. Review the grading rubric provided before submitting your dissertation reviews. Submit the Dissertation Reviews by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 3.

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