Sensible Risk Management 2018

L6 SHEMS Singapore

Module Assessment Method.

Coursework work. Value of the contribution to the final assessment marks 100%.

You will be required to complete a portfolio of risk assessment comprising the following types of risk assessment:

1. Workplace Equipment Risk Assessment

2. Chemical risk assessment

3. Health Risk Assessment

4. Young Worker Risk Assessment

5. A minimum 1000 word reflective statement on the compilation of the risk assessments and your learning from the module.

This portfolio should reflect your own work and % similarity will be checked during marking.

The Portfolio is to be handed in by Friday 21st December 2018.

You will find the materials and scenarios for the risk assessments in the Blackboard. You can use any format you think is appropriate for the series of risk assessments although sample templates have been provided during the tutorials for your reference. For the completed Health Risk Assessment, you only need to compile a letter.

There is a file in this folder to help with reflective writing. You may also consult the Learning skills website for further advice on Reflective Writing

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