Health Literacy

Review this table (the second column is also available in your textbook in Table 7-3) :

Health Literacy Factors

Communication Skills (spoken, written, sign language)
English-Language proficiency
Complexity of health care and context
Health Outcomes related to low-levels of health literacy

High mortality rates
Increased number of unnecessary hospitalization
Decreased use of preventive health services
Lower levels of physical functioning and quality of life
Lower ability to effectively manage chronic diseases
Higher risk of medication errors
Lower ability to comprehend insurance coverage information
Higher health care costs
Discuss how at least three of the health literacy factors in the first column affect one health outcome as identified in the second column. You must use at least two scholarly sources in your discussion.

Guided Response: Explain how at least one other factor from the first column could contribute to the poor health outcome that your classmates discussed. From your readings and research, describe your recommendations that would reduce the health literacy issue that you identified and improve the health outcome. You must use at least one scholarly source to support your response.

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