Don’ts in Essay Writing: The Simple Rules That We Forget

Ever heard of Don’ts in essay writing? Of course No! However, don’t despair; we have everything under control. It is even wise to consider making mistakes and learning from them during the first few days of school. So what next? How about learning a few don’ts in essay writing?Yes, the can make a difference! All said and done, you have now learned the rules, but still, every paper that you do the marks gets lower than the other. So what next? How about learning a few don’ts in essay writing?

10 don’ts in essay writing

  • Never ignore the structure of your paper. You have already learned that a standard essay should have three parts; the introduction, the body, and In a standard essay, five paragraphs are required which entails the introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Omitting any of these fundamental parts will definitely make you a writer of some other literature but not an essay.
  • Do not start writing before deciding on your topic. It is quite obvious that the topic guides your paper. So how would someone start a paper without picking a topic? It is simple; overconfidence can make you start writing on a topic that you are not well versed or worse no topic at all. Among the major don’ts in an essay is never starting writing without a clear topic in mind.
  • Never mix two types of writing. How could this possibly happen? Well, any student ought to have to know the different types of writing and what each entails. For instance, academic writing and creative writing differ drastically. Pay attention to such differences. As a matter of fact, you do not need a talent to write a good academic paper just logical thinking and adherence to the topic, and you will be a star on academic writing.
  • Avoid the first person at all costs. This is something that cannot be emphases enough especially in academic writing. You can use ‘You’ in blog writing and advertisements but never in academic writing. Of course, academic writing also stresses objectivity, but it does not in any way relating to ‘you’ kind of phrases. Of the most fundamentals Don’ts in essay writing is never to reveal the author in the paper.
  • No clichés. Originality is a treasure in any piece of writing; it makes the piece beautiful and worth reading. You cannot start your essays using the same words as everyone else and expect it to stand out. It will just be like that of any other person. Try and be creative and create catchy phrases that are seldom used in papers and you will begin seeing your marks soaring like never before.
  • No plagiarism. As if originality could not be stressed enough, here comes plagiarism. Plagiarism has since become a major problem in writing. Since there are materials for everything especially on the internet, there is always that temptation to copy. Among the don’ts in essay writing plagiarism is one that holds much weight since as the other don’ts might earn you a lower grade, plagiarism can earn you an expulsion from school. Beware!
  • Never make the introduction and conclusion the same. Just as the name suggests, one is introducing while the other is concluding. For that reason, one should not be a copy of the other. The introduction sets the points to be discussed in the body while the conclusion will prove the points that have been discussed. While reading your essay, a reader will probably have questions that will arise; the work of the conclusion is to make sure there are no such questions left in the mind of the reader.
  • Never stray from the topic. As said earlier, the topic guides the writer on what they should write The same way, the topic also informs the reader of what to expect in the paper. Imagine buying a box of chocolate and getting biscuits inside, Total disappointment! The same applies to essay writing; you cannot tell the reader that your paper will be about this only for them to find out that you have written a totally different thing. Make it your priority in the don’ts of essay writing to never stray from the topic,
  • Do not use informal language. This is a problem that most students face in Schools. You have probably been so used to slang and colloquialisms that you find yourself using them in academic papers. It is very wrong to use such words in academic papers as they will make your papers unprofessional.
  • Do not make your essay too hard to be understood. Essay writing is all about making your points reach your audience. The purpose is to ensure your answer your given question, and the audience understands your discussions. For that reason, your essay shouldn’t be full of big words most of which are hard to understand. Simplicity is considered the utmost sophistication and the same applies to essay writing. When you showcase your ability to drive your points home in the simplest way possible, then you are already halfway to getting higher grades.

Essay writing is part and parcel of an academic journey despite the course that one might choose to pursue. Knowing the basic of essay writing are therefore vital for any students whose aim is to get top grade in his/her academic papers. Nonetheless, when people join the school, they often spend the first weeks trying to learn what to do and what is expected of them in every subject. They forget one vital aspect which involves what they shouldn’t do or the Don’ts. In essay writing it is similar, much is known about the do’s of essay writing while less is known about the Don’ts in essay writing. That is why most students who know everything pertaining essays always find it hard to write an essay. The trick is simple; learn the don’ts of essay writing and your journey towards getting an A will be a smooth ride.

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