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USING MICROSOFT EXCEL 2013 Independent Project 1-6

Independent Project 1-6 You have been hired as the accounts receivable clerk for a privately owned accounting company called Livingood Income Tax & Accounting. It is your job to track all the payments from clients every day. Your supervisor has requested that you convert your payment table to an Excel spreadsheet.

Skills Covered in This Project

 Create and save a workbook.

 Enter text and numbers.

 Change font size and attributes.

 Use AutoSum.

 Adjust column width and row height.

 Spell check.

 Apply Freeze Panes.

 Change zoom level.

 Apply a theme and Cell Styles.

 Apply page layout options.

 Hide a row.

 Rename and apply color to sheet tabs.

1. Open EX2013-IndependentProject-1-6 start file. The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your instructor, and save it.

Note: If the workbook opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing button in the Message Bar at

the top of the workbook so you can modify it.

Important: The start file for this project is intentionally blank.

2. Apply the Organic theme to the worksheet. Change the theme font to Calibri.

Important: To ensure accurate grading for later instructions involving applying colors, instruction 2

must be completed.

3. Select A1 and type Livingood

Income Tax and

Accounting, press Enter, type

Payment Schedule, and press Enter again.

4. Type in the remaining worksheet

data from Figure 1-108.

5. Edit the title in A1 to replace the

word “and” with the symbol &.

6. Edit the value in cell B5 to

451.25. Change “Over Due” in

cell F4 to Overdue.

7. Apply the Title style to A1.

8. Apply formatting to cell ranges.

a. Increase the font size of A4:G11 to 12 pt.

b. Select cells B5:B11 and display the Format Cells dialog box. Select the Accounting format and

change the Symbol to None.

9. Add the title Total in cell A13 and calculate the total for B13 using AutoSum. Adjust the cell range reference in the Formula bar.

10. Apply additional formatting.

a. Apply the Total cell style to cells A13:G13.

b. Select A13:G13 and increase the font size to 12 pt.

c. Bold the entries in A4:G4.

d. Center the data in A4:G4, A5:A13, D5:D13, and F5:F13

Step 1

Download start file

Excel 2013 Chapter 1 Creating and Editing Workbooks Last Updated: 2/4/15 Page 2

USING MICROSOFT EXCEL 2013 Independent Project 1-6

e. Select A4:G4 and open the Format Cells dialog box. Add a thick Green, Accent 1, Darker 50%

bottom border and a Green, Accent 1, Lighter 80% fill color using the second color in the

fifth column.

f. Select the cells in rows 6, 8, and 10 and apply the same fill color.

g. Use the Border button and apply a bottom border to cells A2:G2.

11. Adjust column width and row height.

a. Change the width of columns A:G to 14.0.

b. Change the row height for rows 4 and 13 to 19.50.

12. Hide row 12.

13. Rename Sheet1 10-27-2015 and color the sheet tab Green, Accent 1 (first color in the fifth Theme Color column).

14. Spell check the worksheet.

15. Apply Freeze Panes to B5.

16. Increase the magnification of the view to 125%.

17. Apply page layout options.

a. Change the orientation to Landscape and scale the page to fit on one page.

b. Center the worksheet horizontally on the page.

c. Click the Custom Header button and add the Insert Sheet Name field in the Left Header

section. Click the Format Text button and apply the font color Green, Accent 1, Darker 50% to

the header field.

d. Add the page number to the right section of the footer.

e. Select print preview in the Page Setup dialog box to view your settings.

18. Save and close the workbook (Figure 1-109).

19. Upload and save your project file.

20. Submit project for grading.

1-109 Excel 1-6 completed

Step 2

Upload & Save

Step 3

Grade my Project

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