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SIMnet 2016: PowerPoint 2016 Capstone Project Level 1

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PowerPoint 2016 Capstone Project PP-1 Creating a Company’s Presentation In this project, you will modify a presentation for the Top’t Corn popcorn company. You will change the look of the

entire presentation by applying a theme and theme variant. You will add content to the presentation including text (in

Normal view and Outline view), pictures, and a table of information. You will add a transition to all the slides in the

presentation as well as animate objects on a slide. You will add information to the footer area of the slides. Finally, you

will practice running the presentation.

Skills needed to complete this project:

• Change the presentation theme

• Apply a theme variant

• Add text to slides

• Add a picture

• Move an image

• Enter text in Outline view

• Align text

• Create a table on a slide

• Add an online picture

• Apply a picture Quick Style

• Apply and modify a slide transition

• Apply an animation effect

• Modify an animation

• Add custom text to the footer

• Start the slide show

• Navigate the slide show using the mouse and keyboard

This image appears when a project instruction has changed to accommodate an update to

Microsoft Office 365. If the instruction does not match your version of Office, try using the alternate

instruction instead.

IMPORTANT: Download the resource file needed for this project from the Resources link. Be sure to

extract the file after downloading the resources zipped folder. Please visit SIMnet Instant Help for step-by-

step instructions.

1. Open the start file PP2016-Capstone-Level1. If the document opens in Protected View, click the Enable

Editing button in the Message Bar at the top of the document so you can modify it.

2. The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to

do so by your instructor, and save it.

3. Change the presentation theme to Integral.

If the Integral theme is not available in your version of Microsoft Office, apply a

different theme of your choice.

4. Change the variant to use the solid aqua option (the third option in the Variants gallery).

If you applied a different theme than Integral for instruction 3, select a variant option of

your choice for instruction 4.

5. On Slide 1, click in the subtitle placeholder and type the text Gourmet popcorn with capitol


Step 1

Download start file

SIMnet 2016: PowerPoint 2016 Capstone Project Level 1

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6. On Slide 1, insert the Logo.png image from the location where you saved the data files for this project.

(Downloaded from the Resources link.)

7. Move the logo to the top-left corner of the slide, so it looks like the figure below.

8. Switch to Outline view and add the following bullet points to the fifth slide (Future Flavors):

Key Lime

Mocha Delight

Raspberry Bliss

Spiced Buffalo

9. Switch back to Normal view and navigate to Slide 4. Center align the bulleted list on the slide.

10. Add the following information in a table on Slide 7:

a. Georgetown




Washington K Street

b. Old Bay 950 2130 1212 1910

c. Sea Salt and

Caramel 1325 2480 1980 2115

d. Truffle 1135 2240 935 2234

11. Navigate to Slide 2. Insert an online picture using the search word Capitol. Insert a picture of

your choice.

12. Apply the Rounded Diagonal Corner, White picture style to the online picture you inserted.

13. Navigate to Slide 1 and add the Wipe transition to the slide. Change the direction of the transition so it

animates from the left. Apply the transition to all the slides in the presentation.

Download Resources

SIMnet 2016: PowerPoint 2016 Capstone Project Level 1

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14. Animate objects on a slide.

a. Navigate to Slide 6 and select the food truck image on the left. Apply the Float In (Entrance)

animation to the picture and change the direction so image floats down.

b. Select the second truck on the slide. Apply the Apply the Float In (Entrance) animation to the

picture and change the direction so image floats down. Change the Start option so the truck will

animate with the previous animation plays.

15. Add information to the footer of all slides.

a. Navigate to slide 1, and open the Header and Footer dialog.

b. Add The Top’t Corn Enterprise as the footer text.

c. Apply the footer to all slides in the presentation.

16. Start the slide show from the beginning and navigate through the presentation. Use a combination of

keyboard and mouse commands to navigate to different slides.

Note: When you are finished with this project, your presentation should contain 10 slides. If it does not, your

project will not grade properly and you may lose a significant number of points. Check your work carefully.

17. Save and close the presentation.

18. Upload and save your project file.

19. Submit project for grading.

Step 2

Upload & Save

Step 3

Grade my Project

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