Computer Science

ISM 3113 Modified Design Specification Template (02/07/12)

ISM 3113 – Systems Analysis and Design Template for Software Design Specification (based on IEEE Std. 1016) 1.0 Introduction

1.1 Purpose of the Document

Provides why the document is written and identifies its intended audience

1.2 Scope of the Development Project

A general description of the software is presented. This often comes from other documentation.

1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

Includes a list of any definitions, acronyms and abbreviations meant to help the reader understand the document better

1.4 References

Any other documentation used to assist in completing the Software Design Specification (SDS)

1.5 Overview of the Document

Provides an overview of the content of the SDS 2.0 System Architecture Description

2.1 Overview of the modules/components

Provide a high-level overview of how the functionality and responsibilities of the system were portioned and assigned to its subsystem/components.

2.2 Structure and Relationship

Identifies flow of system (often graphical format)

2.3 User Interface Issues 3.0 Detail Description of Components 4.0 Design Decisions and Tradeoffs

Describe any design decisions and/or strategies that affect the overall organization of the system. Also reference any decisions made as a result of circumstances.

5.0 Appendix

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