Computer Science

Question 1 You have purchased an Apple desktop computer and want to set it up so that you can access your computer desktop when you are on the road. How might you do this? A. Install Remote Desktop for Apple on your desktop. B. Install Apple+ VPN on your desktop. C. Configure your desktop for Platform as a Service. D. Install the GoToMyPC client on your desktop.

Question 2 What is a chief concern of cloud computing? A. Cost B. Security C. Redundancy D. Speed

Question 3 You have a Bluetooth headset that integrates with your computer so that you can talk to partners through Microsoft Lync. This is an example of what type of wireless networking? A. WLAN B. WPAN C. WMAN D. WWIRE

Question 4 Your boss calls you from his home to use the VPN connection you configured for him on his laptop. He has traditionally depended on Remote Desktop to access the server. Your boss tells you that the VPN connection shows that it is connected but the server’s desktop is not appearing on his screen. What do you tell him? A. The firewall on his home router must be blocking the remote connection. B. His ISP must not allow encrypted connections through their network. C. He must be running Windows 8 which doesn’t support VPN. D. VPN doesn’t bring up a remote desktop on the local computer.

Question 5 Your company is trying to get out of the responsibility of purchasing and hosting its own hardware so it won’t have to finance or manage a datacenter anymore. Your boss has told you that you need to install an operating system on all of the cloud-based servers. This is an example of what type of cloud computing? A. Infrastructure as a Service B. Network as a Service C. Platform as a Service D. Software as a Service

Question 6 You are configuring a wireless connection on your home router. Because you live in an apartment complex, the security level of the connection is paramount. Which wireless option below is the most secure? A. SSID B. WEP C. WPA D. WPA2 Question 7 In order for your laptop to make a wireless connection, it must first find an available __________ to connect to. A. SSID B. VPN C. RSAT D. WEP

Question 8 Your boss wants to utilize some sort of cloud storage for his files so that all of his computing devices can replicate these files. He installs the client on all of his devices. He asks you where the cloud folder is located within Windows Explorer. What do you tell him? A. It is located in his local profile. B. It is located in Program Files. C. It is located in Program Files. (86) D. It is located in the Windows System folder.

Question 9 Your boss wants you to devise a way for remote contractors to be able to access the server desktop. There is one stipulation, however, in that your boss wants to ensure that the local user can see everything that the remote contractor is doing in real time. What do you suggest? A. Install TeamViewer on the server. B. Configure a VPN connection on the server. C. Install GoToMyPC on the server. D. Configure RDP within the server’s web browser.

Question 10 You have a number of digital pictures you recently took on your smartphone. You would like to share these pictures with all of your friends and family. What is a “Cloud”-like example of sharing these pictures with them? A. Upload them to and share a link with them. B. Email them to everyone by way of email attachments. C. Save them to your My Pictures folder on your Windows 8 tablet. D. Save them to a fractional website that offers file transfer capabilities.

Question 11 Your boss is very skeptical about the idea of storing his files up in the cloud rather than on a local storage drive. He asks you to give him the various advantages of cloud storage. Which of the selections below would not be a reason you give him? A. He won’t have to worry about backing up his files anymore. B. Cloud storage provides unlimited storage for free. C. He can keep all of his files replicated and uniform on all of his devices. D. He can access his files from anywhere he has an Internet connection.

Question 12 When you connect to a remote VPN server with your laptop running Windows 8, what key item is your computer allocated? A. The desktop of the VPN server B. The desktop of the logon server C. An IP address from the remote network D. A web browser with an SSL connection

Question 13 How does fractional employment differ from the traditional full-time job model of today? A. Fractional employment demands complete mathematical skills. B. A work unit in fractional employment is a project or task, not a job. C. Fractional employment only employs people from outside the United States. D. Fractional employment is exclusively for IT workers.

Question 14 Your CEO is concerned that too much productivity is lost by having employees call each other, only to be directed to voice mail. He asks you if something can be done to counter this. What do you suggest? A. Integrate Dropbox into the company network. B. Integrate RDP into the company network. C. Integrate Microsoft Lync into the company network. D. Integrate TeamViewer into the company network.

Question 15 Which of the following is a proper use of the application, NetStumbler? A. Finding rogue access points within your network B. Managing multiple access points within a large network C. Disguising designated broadcast SSIDs on your network D. Creating open-ended wireless connections for easy access

Question 16 Making a phone call through Lync from your laptop using only your headset is an example of: A. a PBX phone connection. B. an encrypted phone conversation. C. a legacy phone conversation. D. a peer-to-peer phone conversation.

Question 17 Your mom wants to start using some type of cloud storage so that she can access some of her important business files from anywhere without having to remote into another machine. What do you suggest? A. TeamViewer B. GoToMyPC C. Dropbox D. Microsoft RT

Question 18 Your sister is considering purchasing a tablet computer that utilizes RT as the operating system. She asks you if RT is any different from her Windows 8 desktop she has at home. What do you tell her? A. Unlike her Windows 8 PC, RT does not have a tile-based interface. B. RT is an Android-based operating system so it is completely different. C. RT isn’t touch-enabled so it is a poor choice for a tablet. D. She won’t be able to install regular Windows application on RT.

Question 19 You have set up Remote Desktop for the company server running Server 2008 so that your users can RDP in from their XP workstations. Users are calling you saying that they are being denied the ability to remote in. What is the most likely reason? A. XP does not support Remote Desktop by default. B. Network Level Authentication is being enforced on the RDP connection. C. Server 2008 does not support Remote Desktop by default. D. Remote Desktop only works through a web browser over the Internet.

Question 20 Which of these devices is usually the default gateway for most home networks? A. A workstation B. A server C. A smartphone D. A wireless router

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