Computer Science


Module 2 – Case

Input, Output, and Built-in and Programmer-Defined Functions

Case Assignment

Study Halterman, R. “Learning to Program with Python”, chapter 7, and complete homework assignment: question 1-10 on page 156 under 7.8 exercises

Create a Word file named as “ITM205-Case 2-Exercises-YourFirstNameLastName”containing a copy of each of the IDLE source codes and running results with clear exercise numbers marked on the page.

You can use the Snipping tools or screen print (ctrl + Print Screen) to show the Pythons editor’s (IDLE) code and results and demonstrate that your program executed correctly.

Write a summary document in Microsoft Word format named as “ITM205-Case2-Summary-YourFirstNameLastName” to show what you have accomplished through the exercises.

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