Computer Science

1. Describe the problem at IFG as succinctly as you can. Use this description to identify the main stakeholders.

2. IFG can’t afford the resources to identify, define, cleanse, and validate all of its data. On the other hand, building yet another data mart to address a specific problem worsens the data situation. Propose a solution that will enable IFG to leverage a key business problem/opportunity using their BI tools that does not aggravate their existing data predicament.

Assignment Instructions

Week 7 Assignment: Pseudocode and Flowchart Solution


Create a FLOWCHART and a PSEUDOCODE for each problem.

Use the information below to create a pseudocode (which can be a text-based description for solving the problems) and a flowchart (using flowchart symbols to illustrate how you would program) to solve each problem. You may use Microsoft Word® for your Pseudocode and Microsoft PowerPoint® for your flowchart.

  • Problem 1: Create an array that contains the days of the week.
  • Problem 2: Create a loop to print the content above.

Assignment Rubric:


Points Available

Points Earned


Pseudocode describing how to calculate for Problem 1.



Flowchart illustrating how to program for Problem 1.



Pseudocode describing how to calculate for Problem 2.



Flowchart illustrating how to program for Problem 2.




Submission Instructions: 


Create one pseudocode (using Microsoft Word) and one flowchart (using Microsoft PowerPoint) for the problem above. Zip all files into one zip file and upload here for grading.

Make sure each submission is labeled with the following:
Your Name

Course Name, Section (example: ENTD200 B002 Spr15)

Instructor name

Week  #

Date completed

Students are to observe two or more adults unknown to the observer. The student must not be able to hear the subjects being observed and those being observed must not be wearing a uniform of any kind as this would provide information about their occupation to the observer. Students must describe the environment and the people being observed, i.e., age, gender, dress, etc. Discuss the nonverbal communication, i.e. eye contact, body position and any other nonverbal behavior. Provide your interpretation of the relationship between those being observed. Be very discrete and do not have a conversation with those being observed.

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