Computer Science

BUS303: Ecommerce in the Global Business

Environment – Assessment Item 3

Description: Assessment Item 3 – report (Case Based)

Value: 35%

Due date: Sunday, Midnight (CST), Week 13

Length: 2500 – 3000 words

Task: Read the Case Study “The Pirate Bay: Searching for Safe Haven” found on pages 600-602 of the textbook.

1. Conduct appropriate analysis of the case and identify the different stakeholders (justify each stakeholder).

2. Ethical issues and impacts.

a. Identify and clearly describe each ethical issue, justifying each of your answers while identifying who might be affected and why they might be affected. You should include any impacts on the different stakeholders and any possible solutions/resolutions to each including any extended consequences.

b. Use a structured approach to analysing any ethical dilemmas and making any subsequent suggestions.

c. You should also suggest any ethical principles that might be applied and justify why you think each is applicable.

d. You should refer to the most current research to support your arguments.

3. Identify all the legal issues described in, or that might arise from, the case.

a. Identify, clearly describe and justify each legal and regulatory issue the case might highlight. Your answers should identifying who might be affected and why they might be affected. This should include any impacts on the different stakeholders.

b. You should also identify and describe any pertinent Australian laws that might relate to each issue describing the possible effect of each on The Pirate Bay.

c. You should research and identify any pertinent legal cases that might support your justification.

4. Using the information from the previous three tasks, present an argument ‘for’ or ‘against’ The Pirate Bays position. Justify your position.

Presentation: Should be written in Report style format.

Coversheet: NO COVERSHEET REQUIRED – please ensure your name and student number are included in the footer of document

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