Computer Science

Based on your Week Five Learning Team Collaboration discussion, write a 1- to 2-page technical document on security and monitoring of Windows® Server 2012 for Wadley, Inc. This will become part of the final installation, configuration, and support plan for Wadley.

Include the following:

Policies to be used to by Wadley, Inc. to secure the servers
Explanation of ongoing monitoring and management expectations
Compile your technical documents from the previous assignments along with the new topics for Week Five into your 4- to 8-page support plan for Wadley, Inc. Be sure to incorporate your instructors’ feedback.

Include the following:

From your Week Two Assignment:
Installation of Windows® Server 2012
Installation and configuration of Active Directory®
Explain the schema and global catalog
Outline the creation of users, organizational units and security groups for all departments
Installation and management of printers
From your Week Three Assignment
Disk management
Explain the physical disk drive options
Demonstrate how physical disk drives are managed
Outline a plan for redundancy and backups
Utilization of Group Policy
From your Week Four Assignment
Installation and configuration of DNS and DHCP
Recommendations for utilizing Hyper-V®
Overview of how services work under Windows® Server 2012
From your Week Five Assignment
Security and monitoring of Windows Server® 2012
Demonstrate the various ways to secure a server installation
Explain ongoing monitoring and management of a server installation
Format according to APA guidelines.

Submit your final assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

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