Computer Science

Week 10

“SaaS and Cloud Computing”

· Discuss the fundamental advantages and disadvantages of using software as a service (SaaS) within organizations. Next, give your opinion as to why SaaS has become a common delivery model for many business applications.

· According to the textbook, most experts believe that security is a concern when using a cloud computing platform, and users play an important role in its success. Imagine that you have been asked to provide suggestions for an organization that is planning to acquire a cloud computing provider. Select one (1) out of Gartner’s seven (7)cloud-computing security risks, as discussed in Chapter 14 of the textbook, and suggest one (1) way in which you would negate the chosen risk for the organization for which you are working. Justify your response.

Week 11

“Course Conclusion”

· You have just completed ten (10) weeks of an introduction to management information systems course. Imagine you have been asked to create a one (1) day training course that highlights the important elements of what you have just learned within the past ten (10) weeks.

· Create a hierarchy of no more or no less than five (5) of the most important topics that you believe that a one-day course titled “Management Information Systems: The Essentials Presented in One Day” should address. Provide a detailed rationale for each of the five (5) topics.

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