Computer Science

BLCN 532 Blockchain Development Final Project

This final project gives you the opportunity to review what you’ve learned throughout the

semester and present a range of topics in the form of a policy that describes how participants

can join your business network, and the benefits of doing so. The overall purpose of your policy

should be to create interest in your business network and its applications, along with a

description of the onboarding process and ongoing benefits to members.

Take what you’ve learned about the Letter of Credit business network and develop a novel

business application that relies on enterprise blockchain functionality. Describe your business

idea, focusing on how enterprise blockchain technology is central to its value and uniqueness.

Create a membership policy that describes the benefits and requirements of membership in

your business network. Your body of your policy should be no less than 1000 words and no

more than 2000 words. The document you submit should in Microsoft Word format (.doc or

.docx) and be named using the following criteria:


• SECTION is the section number of your current course (2 digits)

• STUDENTID is your student ID number (with leading zeros)

• LASTNAME is your last name

• FIRSTNAME is your first name

Your policy should include the following:

1) Purpose statement of the business network (i.e. blockchain environment)

a. Describe your business environment (what business are you in?)

b. Describe how blockchain technology makes your application possible and more

valuable than existing offerings.

c. Describe what value your blockchain app provides to your existing and potential

customers and partners.

2) Description of the current (base) network (participants and functionality) (For example,

who is part of your network now and what does your application do now? Of course,

this is where you get to tell the story of the business idea you created. It doesn’t have to

be a real, current business.)

3) Brief description of upcoming features in the next quarterly release. (Be creative, but

realistic here. Think about what the existing application does, and what features you’d

like to add that would increase the application’s usefulness and value. Analyzing current

functionality and determining which features would best meet business needs will be a

big part of assessing this assignment.)

4) Description of application upgrade process that may impact application availability and

member business processes. (i.e. How does the business network organization plan to

deploy new software features without causing substantial service interruptions?)

5) List of rights and benefits for participants (how does each member benefit and what

data/services are available for each member)

6) Membership requirements for new members (minimum security requirements,

approval process, decision making rules and authorities, minimum required agreements

that new members must accept and agree to) (Remember that members are business

partners, not customers. The focus of the whole semester is enterprise blockchain

development, not consumer blockchain solutions.)

7) Description of fees for participation and service access

8) Minimum member resource contributions to the business network

9) Process for ending participation in the business network

10) Process for resolving disputes, including appealing the outcome of a resolved dispute.

11) Course of action to initiate an application for membership

Background content for items 1 and 2 will come from your text. Other items will be a

combination of content from your text and extrapolation based on what you’ve learned this

semester. Pay careful attention to #3. That one requires that you carefully consider how

enhancing the application can help it better align with member (and prospective member)

business goals. The purpose of this project is to digest the material you’ve learned throughout

this semester into a white paper that could be used to recruit potential business network

members, as well as provide details of the rights and responsibilities of business network


Your policy document should present a clear and concise description of the benefits of being a

business network member, why blockchain technology provides superior benefits to solutions

based on other technologies, and the onboarding process and expectations once membership

is approved. The overall goal is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate that you understand

how this example blockchain technology use case implementation aligns with existing, and

prospective, member business goals.

Your paper must be in APA format, including citations and references, but I’m not particularly

concerned with the specific format you select for the paper’s body.

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