Computer Science

1.      Create a view named CustomerAddresses that shows the shipping and billing addresses for each customer in the MyGuitarShop database.

This view should return these columns from the Customers table: CustomerID, EmailAddress, LastName and FirstName.


This view should return these columns from the Addresses table: BillLine1, BillLine2, BillCity, BillState, BillZip, ShipLine1, ShipLine2, ShipCity, ShipState, and ShipZip.


1.      Write a SELECT statement that returns these columns from the CustomerAddresses view that you created in exercise 1: CustomerID, LastName, FirstName, BillLine1.


1.      Write an UPDATE statement that updates the CustomerAddresses view you created in exercise 1 so it sets the first line of the shipping address to “1990 Westwood Blvd.” for the customer with an ID of 8.

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