Computer Science

Assignment: PCI DSS and the Seven Domains

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Identify best practices related to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and to U.S. compliance laws.

Assignment Requirements


As discussed in this lesson, it is important for IT professionals to implement best practices when facing U.S. compliance laws.


YieldMore Company’s senior management has recently decided to accept credit card payments from YieldMore customers both from store locations and online transactions. This decision makes meeting PCI DSS objectives and requirements a necessary consideration in order to validate compliance for enforcement organizations.

As an IT professional of the company, you should make recommendations to IT management to implement best practices of PCI DSS.


You are asked to identify appropriate best practices of PCI DSS specific to the company’s IT environment.

Identify the touch points between the objectives and requirements of PCI DSS and YieldMore’s IT environment.

Determine appropriate best practices to implement when taking steps to meet PCI DSS objectives and requirements.

Justify your reasoning for each identified best practice.

Prepare a brief report or PowerPoint presentation of your findings for IT management to review.

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