Computer Science

There is no such thing as a bug-free IT project. Because bugs are a fact of IT project life, IT project managers must articulate a process for identifying, tracking, and handling the bugs that will inevitably occur. In addition, because technical and business requirements change frequently, IT project managers must also plan to log and track requests for new features and functionality.

Read the following linked documents:

  • “Visual Studio – Manage Bugs“: This article describes the process      of tracking bugs in Visual Studio, a popular .NET development suite      created by Microsoft®.
  • “What Is a Bug and Issue      Tracking Tool?“: This article describes the process of tracking bugs      in Jira, a popular bug tracking and project management tool created by      Atlassian.

Create a 3-page Microsoft® Word document of a bug tracking process for the project you created in the individual assignments in Assignment Weeks 2 and 3. Be sure to differentiate between bugs and feature requests. For this assignment, you will only be tracking bugs.

Your tracking process must include:

  • Description of software you propose      using for bug tracking (in-house developed or third-party)
  • Description of issues that will be considered      bugs (vs. feature requests)
  • Description of who will use the system      to track bugs
  • Description of who will monitor the      system, follow up with the requestor as necessary, and implement the bug      fixes

Description of bug-related information (such as a unique tracking number, description, assignee, etc.) necessary to identify, fix, and Instructions for Homework Assignment 3 Modify the program you wrote for Homework Assignment 2 so that it includes a class related to the Leibniz formula. Create a constructor for use with the class. Divide your program into two modules – one which contains your class and another which creates an instance of it. Combine both of your modules into a zip file. Name the zip file NameHomework3, for example Your zip file must be submitted in Moodle by 9:30 AM on October 6.

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