Computer Science

1.      Write a script that creates a cursor for a result set that consists of the ProductName and ListPrice columns for each product with a list price that’s greater than $700. The rows in this result set should be sorted in descending sequence by list price. Then, the script should print the product name and list price for each product so it looks something like this:

Gibson SG, $2517.00


Gibson Les Paul, $1199.00


1.      Write a script to declare and use a cursor for the following SELECT statement. Use a WHILE loop to fetch each row in the result set. Omit the INTO clause to fetch directly to the Results tab.

SELECT LastName, AVG(ShipAmount) AS ShipAmountAvg

FROM Customers JOIN Orders

ON Customers.CustomerID = Orders.CustomerID


GROUP BY LastName;


1.  Modify the solution to exercise 2 to fetch each row into a set of local variables. Use the PRINT statement to return each row in the format “Name, $0.00” to the Messages tab.

Internships and Travel Template


Project Description:

In the following project, you will assist Ann Takei, Internship Coordinator, in tracking the number of internships by industry at each job fair. You will insert and format sparklines, a line chart, and SmartArt graphics. You will also create a template to use for travel expenses.



For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:

Step Instructions Points Possible
1 Start Excel. Download and open the Excel workbook named GO_e06_Grader_h3.xlsx. 0
2 On the Internships by Industry worksheet, in the range G4:G10, insert line Sparklines using the values in the B4:F10. 10
3 Format the Sparklines to show the high point and the last point. Apply the Sparkline Style Accent 4, (no dark or light). 10
4 Create a line with markers chart using the ranges A3:F3 and A7:F7. Position the chart so that the upper left corner of the chart aligns with the upper left corner of cell A13. 11
5 Change the chart title to Internships Available in Technology. 6
6 Edit the Vertical (Value) Axis to set the Minimum to 35 and the Major unit to 5. 6
7 Format the plot area with a Green, Accent 6, Lighter 80% solid fill. Format the chart area with a Green, Accent 6, Lighter 40% solid fill. 8
8 Insert a linear trendline and change the width of the line to 2.5 pt. 6
9 On the List Chart worksheet, insert a SmartArt graphic using the Pyramid List style. Position the SmartArt so that the upper left corner of the graphic aligns with the upper left corner of cell A3. 7
10 In the SmartArt, type Paid in the top text box. Type Work-Study in the second text box, and Unpaid in the last text box. 1
11 Apply the Inset 3-D SmartArt style to the graphic. Change the colors to Colored Fill – Accent 1. 6
12 On the Organization Chart worksheet, insert a SmartArt graphic using the Hierarchy List style. Position the SmartArt so that the upper left corner of the graphic aligns with the upper left corner of cell A3. 7
13 In the SmartArt, on the left, type Ann Takei, Internship Coordinator in the top box and Dennis Maslin, Specialist in the second box. On the right, type Shani Kuhlman, Work-Study Coordinator in the first box and Anand Singh, Specialist in the second box. Leave the bottom boxes as they are. 2
14 Save the workbook as a template with the name GO_e06_Grader_h3_template.xltx. On the Travel Expenses worksheet, in cell H22 enter a formula that will add the contents of the range H15:H21. Apply the Total cell style to cell H22. 5
15 Remove the Locked formatting from the ranges D8:D10 and A15:G21. Protect the worksheet using the default selections and the password goseries. 15
16 Save the template as an Excel workbook with the file name, GO_e06_Grader_h3.xlsx. Ensure the worksheets are in this order: Internships by Industry, List Chart, Organization Chart, Travel Expenses. Close the workbook. Exit Excel. Submit the GO_e06_Grader_h3.xlsx workbook as directed. Do not submit your template file. 0
  Total Points 100

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