Computer Science

CIS105 Assignment 3 Customization Requirements for ALL SLIDES

Note: Your Assignment 3 template .pptx file provides the directions for each slide within that slide. You will replace these directions with your own content for this assignment, and then upload your finished assignment to the Week 10 Assignment 3 submission area in your Blackboard course shell. This document spells out the additional customization requirements that you must make to ALL SLIDES in your presentation:

· Insert a transition of any type (i.e., Cut, Fade, Push, etc.) into ALL of the slides in your presentation. Make the duration of this transition shorter than the default transition time.

· Insert text into the Notes section of each slide indicating what you would consider saying when presenting your content.

Note: Students should check with their instructors to see if they will need to present to the class.

· Organize the presentation so that the information is clear and visually appealing.

· Record your own audio narration on Slide 1 through Slide 10 as well as text narration in the Speaker Notes bottom area of each slide.

Hints for recording audio: With PowerPoint 2016 on your student laptop, you have the ability to record audio from within PowerPoint and include it in the presentation. You can also upload previously recorded audio files into your PowerPoint presentation instead. If you have access to a headset microphone, we recommend you use it for recording your audio, as the quality will be improved. If not, you may use your laptop’s internal microphone to record your audio narration. Please try to record from a quiet environment with little to no background noise.

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